Dating Tips Good And Healthy

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Dating Tips of Good and Healthy – If the article terhadulu already discussed about tips for dating is not boring , so in this article will continue with the good dating tips and healthy. Between these two articles have the same goal, namely trying to persuade the reader to make in dating relationships more enduring.

Style of courtship which is not good and certainly not healthy will pose various risks to be borne. The risk is comprised of various kinds, including contracting the disease STD (sexually transmitted diseases) as well as Sphilis, genital warts, hepatitis and even HIV / AIDS. In addition to poor style of courting will also lead to the occurrence of early marriages, and also increases the incidence of abortion cases.

To avoid unfavorable courtship style and unhealthy, then the following is a Good Dating Tips dating and healthy:

A positive move
Cried also know that going out with a course that could support the achievement of skills. Guaranteed to the spirit of the course! If you do not want to join the course can also search activity with a girlfriend. Sports may be tried together tuh! Run five times around Senayan tired of going to baseball. Courtship yes, yes healthy too.


Avoid deserted places
Grandma said, it alone can be dangerous. Moreover, the place is rather dark, wah tuh be danger. So, most comfortable when going out with my friends hanging out together. In addition to avoiding pahe, we are also going dicuekin baseball with friends because it is always alone.

“Say No to Free Sex!”
Not only drugs that should be SAY NO, free sex as well. If the girlfriend did not we do something we like, let alone lead to sexual activity, then we must have the courage to say no. Do not be afraid when punishable end, we came to know her boyfriend is not a good doi. If you have not coercion or even violence, do not hesitate to similar stories of people who we can trust to ask for help >
Those are some good dating tips and dating tips are also healthy. Hopefully with the existence of this short article, would be able to help my friends always manage to be both dating relationships and healthy, and in this way, would the relationship between you and the more lasting until kepelaminan Sidia. Greetings ^ _ ^


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