5 Practical Tips For Successful Selling Online

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Yes, correct. Internet and the booming trend.

Any subsequent effect is that more people who want to “sprayed” profit through selling online using online stores, ranging from selling clothes, fashion, accessories, and so forth.

In fact, not only individuals, has started many companies are beginning to utilize the internet as a marketing channel to sell its products. I’ve never found a distributor who uses blogs in marketing the products of fire extinguishers and CCTV cameras .

Well, here are 5 tips from me how to be successful selling online, either for individuals or corporate:

A.Ensure That Products / Services You Are Looking Online via

For example, if you sell rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, soap, and the products of other consumer goods online, chances are you will not succeed.


Due to its customer behavior has not reached that way. To get these items we do not look for it via the internet. We immediately went to the supermarket or a nearby market.

Another story that (eg) you sell fashion products and accessories, because this type of product is much sought via the internet.

2.Perform SEO Website For Your Online Store Appears on Page 1 Google

To bring potential buyers to your online store, then the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very vital. SEO is the way that your website can appear on page one search engine (like Google) when one is looking for a product or service.

3.Create Unique Online Store the Easy-to-Use and Informative

Having succeeded in bringing visitors to your online store, make sure they do not “ilfil” on your website. And more importantly, look for websites that can sell.

To shop online, make sure your website has a easy to understand, not complicated, and clear. Make sure the visitor is easy to navigate when they wanted to find a particular product so as to create a positive shopping experience.

Also show important information that is needed by the visitor, such as price, product description, and phone number that is easy to contact, email address, Chat Messenger, and so forth.

4.Promotion in the Forum, Online Directories, Classified Ads, Social Media, etc..

His name sells, would need the name of promotion. Well, the internet is also available a promotional channel that you can use. The good news again, most of them free and low-budget, but effective.

There are three kinds of high traffic websites where you can promote your product or online store:

  • Forum (through a sale thread)
  • Classifieds
  • Social media like Facebook and Twitter

5.Do not Forget the Rules of Marketing and Business Association

Rules of doing business in the online world is not much different from doing business in the offline world. Do not forget basic things like providing a quality product, product differentiation, service friendly and responsive, rapid product delivery, honest and trustworthy, and so forth.

Because, no matter how great your marketing and promotional strategy, it will all useless if you forget these basic things.

Welcome to do business!


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