Ways To Save Money – 7 Easy Steps

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Ways To Save Money – 7 Easy Steps

 Saving money has never been more in vogue than it is right now. With today’s economy in recession and livelihoods at risk, more people than ever are tightening the purse strings with the goal of saving money. Having some great money saving tips on your side can help greatly in your quest to get more out of your dollar.

  1. Curb your bad habits. If you smoke, quit. It is a very costly habit. In reality, any part of your life where you tend to overindulge has room for moderation in order to save money and often to improve your health at the same time. Cut back on the specialty coffees, sodas and even desserts. Keep track of how much you don’t spend on these items for a month. It will amaze you.
  2. Share the cost of eating out. American restaurants are famous for dishing up too much food per serving. Even fast food restaurants have much larger menu portions than they offered in the past. You will be able to save quite a bit from splitting a foot long sub sandwich or sharing a combo from a burger joint. Alternatively, you might want to consider ordering a kid’s combo or seeking out coupons to your favorite fast food place.
  3. Find second-hand bargains. You can usually get used electronics, games and DVDs at pawn shops or flea markets at great prices. Consignment stores are ideal for clothing for the whole family. Throughout the country there are giant biannual consignment sales held for used kids’ stuff. This is a great option for finding baby gear, everyday clothes and special occasion items.
  4. Shop the sales. Purchase clothing at the end of the season for the following year, when it is greatly reduced in price. Even when doing your weekly grocery shopping, it pays to shop the sales. Items tend to go on sale in 8 week cycles, so when they are on sale, stock up with enough to last you at least 2 months until they are on sale again. Comparison shop for bigger purchases.
  5. Recycle whenever you can. While this is great for the environment, it can actually save you money too. Join an online group that swaps DVDs or paperback novels for just the cost of shipping. Join a Freecycle group to get great castoffs that others no longer need but may be just what you are looking for. Organize a swap amongst your friends. We all have great stuff we just don’t use anymore.
  6. Use coupons when you shop. You can get stacks of them in your local Sunday paper. There are also a variety of websites where you can print coupons for free. Ask neighbors and friends who subscribe to the paper if they use their coupons. You’ll be surprised how many don’t. Keep an eye out for double and triple coupon events at different stores. Some parts of the country have these regularly while, in other places, they are extremely rare.
  7. Use sites like http://bogofetcher.com/ to find out where to get buy one get one free offers on everything from groceries and personal care items to clothing, event tickets and meals. All the BOGO offers for your area are delivered straight to your email address free of charge.

Put these easy tips to work for you and start saving money. By putting forethought into where your money is going, you’ll be much more successful in saving it.


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