Why People Are Protesting Against Communists in Vietnam And US

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Communist practice is still prevalent in countries such as Vietnam, or North Korea today. Communist for the most part gives people a negative impression rather than an impression that it’s good for the people. For the most part, people think of communist practice as coercion against t people to get what they want. Communists also have been credited with evil practice like killing innocent people during the war such as the Vietnam War. Communists have been credited with jailing journalists and protesters against their practice today. It’s easy to be jailed as a journalist in Vietnam if you are protesting there or write online about their evil practice and a lot of their practices are plain evil, with no consideration to innocent people at all. Thousands of people have been killed in the Vietnam War for them just to make a point.

 They killed old people and little children too. They burried them alive too. This is similar to the concentration camp in the west. When a government that do not care about people at all, and only for their own needs, people tend to not care for them either. You will see violent protest in the US, if these communists step into the US trying to do business with the US. The people will remind them of the massive pain that their people and ancestors went through to achieve freedom.

It’s offensive for them to see communists thrive on the blood of the innocent people. A lot of refuge in the US to this day is still against communists and they will do whatever it takes to let people know about the evil practice of communists. The communist is as strong as ever in Vietnam. The people are still living under evil ruling and coercion when it comes to just about anything that is going on in their lives including education, healthcare, legal practice to religion. There is no human rights freedom in Vietnam. People must know this if you’re trying got do business in Vietnam or if you’re praising the country or if you’re doing shows there.

It’s kind of unethical to have your parties while the rest are dying in their own piles of blood. I’ve seen a lot of shows airing in Vietnam and filming there, like the Miss Universe show, but I don’t think that Vietnam was an appropriate place to air shows there. It’s appropriate to do charity in Vietnam but not appropriate to throw parties there at all. The communist doesn’t deserve glorification and charity either. You’re supporting them financially if you do so. Do people reap from these benefits?

Hardly ever, because most of the money goes right to their pocket and it will never reach the commoners. I don’t think I would want to participate in anyway in a country where there is no freedom for human at all. What is there to celebrate? I hope that people think twice before celebrating in this country. Would you go to Pakistan or Iraq to throw a party or to film a show there? Theyr’e just as bad as Vietnam when it comes to government evil practice. You should condemn a bad government and not glorify them. People were protesting in rage when someone in OC, CA put up a communist flag, and even a little thing like a flag can pull the whole country to rip it down. I do not think that it’s wise for people to glorify communist and I think a lot of people who do a lot of celebration in this country do not know or understand the evil things that are going on there. People protest against fur usage or sweat shop in China, well evil communist practice like shooting people dead for going to church is far worst off than the small things in China, so I hope people will look into it and do not support the communist in Vietnam. Why don’t you protest for not killing innocent people in Vietnam? They really need our help and our voice.


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