Marriage And Handling Her Family

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A lot of problems do arise when you live together with your in-laws. It’s the worst mistake that you can make and it could ruin your marriage. Little things will turn into big things and the next thing you know, you are fighting with your family. Names can be called and the relationships will be ruin, so move out right away or live briefly only and then move out as soon as you can. I don’t encourage or think anyone can put up living together with their in-laws unless their in-laws are Jesus Christ’s cousins. People have their own ways and habits and it’s difficult to live together. You can get chew out for not putting up a toilet seat.

Visit on holidays

You can visit on holidays, weekends, and special days but you don’t always have to see them and it help the relationship better this way. The holiday is a time for family so you can visit them and let your children play with them then. Family reunion is another great one during the holiday and it’s appropriate to see them then.

Keep children away from them

Your parents will often think that your children are their property and they will try to dress them and control them so keep your children to your own and teach your children your own ways. Sometimes, there are politics and they can teach your children or control them in a way that is not healthy for them. I know that there are a lot of politics in my family and they will be as harmful as they can when it comes to children teaching. They will try to make the kids hate the other family members that they don’t like.

Have your own rules

You shall have your own rules as to how your children will be raise and how you want them to live and to succeed in life.

You are a separate entity from them

You are a separate unit from them no matter how close you are. You’re separate from them and you don’t have to do everything that they do. Just because they’re all lawyers and doctors, it doesn’t mean that your kids can’t be an actress.

It’s not their business

Whatever that you decide to do in your family, so long as it’s not harmful, it’s not their business to stop you and to interfere with your life because you’re an adult and your family is your own and they shall respect you for it.

You love the duaghter and not them

You married your partner and you just have to love your partner in order to make it work. You didn’t know how they’re like when you were dating your partner and you are not dating them. You don’t have to like them or agree with everything that they’re doing. You can live with the differences. They can be blue collar and you can still live your life if you’re a white collar. You don’t have to marry the entire family; you just have to acknowledge their presence.


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