Your Drug And Alcohol Addiction is Making Your Family Depressed

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Drugs and alcohol seem to be the problems in modern day. It seems as though most family have to go through this problems and someone in the family will have some sort of addiction problem. The culture in the year 2012 is different than 50 years ago. You were scold or condemn if you were an addict or if you were an unfit parents. Nowadays, they will take your children that underage away from you if you have these problems. If your kids are over 18, they will be depressed but they have to deal with it. I have to deal with parent’s addiction for most of my life, then my brothers and it was depressing most of my life trying to help people who don’t want to change.

Even if you are happy with your addiction, just know that some people in your family are depressed about it and it’s affecting their lives in every single way. They might not want a relationship with you anymore and they might not want to see you anymore. Your family members are also getting irritate because you’re not working and they have to support you as an adult. They might get mad that you’re spending rent money on alcohol or drugs and you make them pay for you. They might not like seeing you looking your worst, walking around with your drags and smelling like a pot of alcohol or drug. People who have their life together can’t stand the sight of an addict. It’s depressing and offensive to them. You might be perfectly happy since your addiction make you happy but it’s making other people miserable and I hope that you know that is the case with your addiction.

I know that I was depressed every time I see my parents or brothers walking around in their drags smelling alcohol or whatever that is that they’re doing. I was offensive because I was clean and I wasn’t smelling alcohol. I didn’t have an addiction problem. I’ve been depressed all of my life over my family’s addiction problems. For them, they didn’t see that they were harming me. They were perfectly happy with it and they celebrate it. They never plan to stop anything. I and my family have not been family for a long time, like ten years because of their habits. I have never gone out to dinner with them, never talk with them, and never share anything in my life with them. So I consider this a breakup with my family and it’s all because of their habits. If you’re an addict, you must know that it’s destroying your family members, even if you don’t see any harm to it. Have you seen the show intervention? Did any of the kids in their family seem happy as a result of their addiction? I don’t think they’re happy at all.


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