What Is A BOGO?

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What Is A BOGO?

Shopping, like so many other things now, has its own language. One of the most highly sought after shopping deals is the BOGO. A BOGO is literally Buy One, Get One and are sometimes abbreviated to B1G1. You pay for one item and get the second one free of charge.

It’s a pricing strategy used by many stores in their sales to draw in customers. Such sales are often intended to be loss leaders for the store, meaning they expect customers to come for such great sales and while they are in the store spend money on other items at regular price. This is what makes BOGOs and other loss leaders so attractive for marketers. They really do draw in customers.

Tips for BOGO Deals

For customers, BOGO sales can often make items even cheaper than shopping at Wal-Mart. You get double the quantity for the same price as one; therefore you will not need to shop for the same item as often. In addition, it is like you are paying half price for each item, a discount that shoppers rarely get. When shopping the BOGO sales, the trick is to buy only those items on sale and comparison shop for the remainder of your needs. This will help you get the most from your shopping dollar.

Another tip for making the most of BOGO sales is to use coupons. Clip coupons from the Sunday paper and various magazines and print coupons from online sources for the products you are planning to buy. Make sure you have a coupon for each item if the coupon is specifically for a single item. Buying duplicate Sunday papers is a good way to ensure you have enough coupons on hand. Applying coupons to each of the two items in the BOGO sale will often result in impressive savings. The items may even turn out to be free or ridiculously cheap with coupons. Remember to check out the store’s policy on stacking coupons or using a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon. Some stores also accept competitors’ coupons and allow stacking of those with manufacturer’s coupons.

Look for a no fee online tool like www.bogofetcher.com which takes all the guess work out of finding BOGO deals. It sends you emails regularly with an updated listing of all the BOGO deals in your immediate area. All you give is your email address and the city and state you live in. You will never again have to miss out on a good deal.

If you are trying to save money, or just use the money that you have in the wisest way possible, seek out BOGO deals for a simple way to stretch your dollar. Maximize savings by knowing the regular prices of the things you regularly buy and purchase only items you know you will use. Put coupons to work to lower prices even more and in no time you will see that you household’s spending budget has been slashed. Plan your savings with http://bogofetcher.com/ to get started now.


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