How to Reduce Your Energy Bill at Home For Free

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Nowadays, energy bills have become a huge burden that everyone has to carry regardless of their status in society, well maybe not everyone, but the majority is bearing the brunt. There are, however, ways in which everyone can cut down on their energy consumption by breaking a few habits and making some small changes in lifestyle. Here are some tips to get your ideas flowing:

Switch off lights when leaving the room

How many times have you been called for dinner, and you get up from your desk or your sofa, leaving your computer, TV and lights on because it’s just not worth switching them off for half an hour. Well, half an hour every day per room adds up. Simply switching off the lights and putting the TV on standby is not going to take much effort, but it will be worth it at the end of the month.

Switch off the electric water heater

An electric water heater is a big energy waster consuming as much as 3000 watts per hour. Typically, this is left running 24 hours a day for the sake of convenience. If a family can come to an agreement on when to use hot water, say, taking showers in the evening after work or school, the water heater can be switched off for the rest of the day. Think about it, you would be saving at least 3000 watts per 16 hours every day!

Do not use the microwave to defrost food.

Another appliance that is used for convenience is the microwave. It is particularly convenient when you forget to take out your food from the freezer in the morning and need to defrost it quickly in the evening. If you can avoid this, however, you would be saving yourself some energy and money. If you forget to take out the food, change your plans, have some pasta. You can always come up with something different.

Do not leave appliances on standby.

We have heard this phrase countless times, don’t leave appliances on standby. Well, it so happens that leaving them on can contribute up to 5% of your annual electricity bill! This figure depends on many factors, and it is different for all countries but still the fact remains that these appliances continue to consume electricity 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t it be better if you just switch them off?

Do not use half loads in washing machines.

One habit that I found hard to break is filling half a washing machine with clothes and running a full cycle. This wastes not only electricity but also a lot of water. It is much more energy efficient waiting a couple of days until you have a full load; it is better for your washing machine and more importantly for your wallet. Oh, and the same reasoning goes for dishwashers.

With a little thought, everyone can find ways how to reduce their daily energy consumption. It does not take much effort and best of all it’s free!


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