Learn Fantastic Features Associated With Twitter

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Learn fantastic features associated with Twitter

Twitter can be a thriller. This is required for some features only available in the news. While some add – but can be taken on. Today, some special features such as information about the compounded.

* Repeat: Advanced search
Twitter search box often gives very good results. Rajhilta search page to search on a particular entry avamam forth between the ‘refining rajhilta’ button. Klikakaratani advanced search page on Twitter to reach out with you. Here the user is displayed in its own search using multiple search phaltirsani the most to – the point should be.

* Give priority to Romance
News of two new ‘button’ has been represented, at the top of the page ‘Home button’ and can be viewed side by side. A button, kanekata. Through a network user with kanekatana intaraekta can be seen in person. The second button is the “daskivara ‘Interests in accordance with the load of the user. This is largely the Facebook button works like the Top Stories section.

* Long read tivata
One or two line tivata often feel incomplete. People want to know in detail the case of larger issue tivatana tivatani wish to keep. Such people will get more work in this facility. This will make the job easier is a edahoka hesatega www.chitter.im. Through its link with the will of the tivata.

* Repeat the key board short cut
You Twitter the key – board, but you can manage. Twitter Web Interface on the keyboard to operate prasnavacaka cahina type. It will be more than one panel, which will be available on the keyboard Short Cuts. About 20 can be used as shortcuts. For example, ‘R’ to post ritivata and ‘/’ in the search box can be reached. Some commands are required to use two keys. For example, ‘GP’ can be reached from the profile. Twitter on Facebook tivatane can also be updated on the wall. To do this you will need to take eppani tivata silektiva Facebook. Yujharanemathi can run it on Twitter. Then, when it will be updated with www.twittlonger.com of Facebook will be gone. In short, some are more interesting and useful news hathavaga features to be adopting.
It can also …

Google tokathi tivata the
Google tokani citara aiema tivata may use the services. Phapara their Google ID to sign – in the. Eppa then this news might be reached. Later on a friend rikavesta citara aiema be eksepta which to live. Now G – Talk on the window citara aiema send any message to be recorded tivatamam.

Letter with more than 140 tivata
Twitter is a tivatane 140 kerekatara has been limited. This limit is more than just a tivata tivatani need to login to the State. Pasting the text box, type tivata are here to do. Tivatani with a link to this will be uploaded, which can be read tivata klikakaratam whole other webpage.

Who does not now follow?
If you would like people to follow tivata to stop him. Who to follow this case to know if it is closed www.twunfollow.com go. Sign in to your account here tivata their e – mail id enter. Then, whenever you know when you will follow will stop.

* Eppani also help to

Twitter and other social sites can also be helpful in this eppa.

Posted in Twitter and Facebook can be managed. This eppa both mobile and desktop effect.

All these mobile operating system works. Base on the desktop than a Web interface can be used.

All work on the social network. A U – tube can be updated and posted on iphlakara.


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