Secret to the universe: Supreme reason

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First off, to reach ultimate comprehention we must make sure we are thinking logically, or truely. We can reach that through supreme reason. Our minds are capable of recognizing truth, but we must think outside our world. To view our universe correctly, it is nessisary to remove perceptions that decieve us. An example of this, though mabye seeming a bit sinister, would be percieving all/any acts as good or evil. These concepts are helpfull to sustain our current cooperation to an extent. Though supreme reason would show that good and evil are merely facets of instinct. We are programmed to like and dislike, to love and hate. Also to feel pain and remorse and experience joy and happyness. The simple truth is that these are all nothing but the result of electrical impulses in our brain and body that help us survive or act a certain way. To delute ones self is to supply unessisary greater significance to these processes.

The Universe

The universe is an undenyiable existance of all that can be possible. Something that is possible is defined by the correlated reason and sensibility that leads it to be conclusivlely true. What is the essence of fact? The awnswer is existance. What must be. Humanity for example. We exist because of the unlimited possibilities the universe provides to multiply that tiny grain of a chance for us to exist, by the greatest amount imaginable. This would make that possibility an absoulte times infinity. To explain simply, we could take it as an equasion. Lets pretend x represents all things scientifically possible. Anything times x equals x of that quantity. 50 times x equals 50 x. 8764 times x being 8764 x. Infinate(possibility multiplied) times X equals infinate X. Therefore you have an infinate quantity of all things possible in the universe. This would provide us with the conclusion that the universe is defined in its existance. I always used to wonder, if the universe is infinate…how could it be? I couldnt make sense of it, thinking that if it was in fact infinate it would have to keep on creating to eternity, but whats beyond that creation? The awnswer is simply because the universe is defined as all the things that can be, it reaches that point where there is nothing else to create. It would reach the point where every single combination of existances has been correlated, as a result…it repeats. This would make it possible for the universe to be infinate without that lack of understanding. This would be just the same way you can take any set of numbers and throw a repeated sign over it representing that quantity in infinate repitition. It makes sense because its defined in its existance, nothing new to create…just infinate repeated numbers or in the universes sake, infinate repeated existance. This goes to explain why we exist. We simply had to, there was no choice. Were just playing out the existance that had to happen. How did it start to begin with? Many people believe in a higher power, or creator. While I may agree with there being a higher power givin the unlimited possibility that chance of existance is being multiplied by. I cannot agree with the idea of a creator. If there was a creator to the universe. That means that that creator must have existed without a creator himself. This means its possible for things to just exist without creators. Why does culture imply a god instead of existance itself? Religion was created in a time in history where humanity had no clue what existance was or how it made sence. Science was almost non-existant. Religion is nothing but the result of ignorance, faith…unlogical and reckless.

In conclusion, what ive explained here is that the very fact that there is a question to be asked recognized there is a truth to be questioned. This being obvious yet unaccepted. Religion argues things cant make sense, as science askes how can it not, and proves that it does. The universe is absoulte and unethical, inconsiderate and caotic. Now to sum it all up.Evrything is because it has, did, and will forever be the awnswer to all that is recognized. Truth is the act of eternal existance.


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