How to defeat the Rogue Tomato in Final Fantasy XII

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Now, the Rogue Tomato mark is (I think) the only mark in the game that you MUST defeat. All the others are optional. That being so, to progress in the game, you have to defeat and kill it.

The Rogue Tomato is a Rank I mark that has been posted by Tomaj in the Sandsea in Rabanastre. It is found in the Dalmasca Estersand. When you enter the Estersands once the hunt is active, your attention will be instantly drawn to the Rogue Tomato in a short scene.

You have the possibility of stealing one of several different items from the Rogue Tomato – Pebble, Fire Stone, or Potion.

This fight shouldn’t be particularly hard to win, even with Vaan at Level 1. All you need to do is attack the Rogue Tomato over and over again, using a potion to restore your health if it is necessary at any point (so make sure you have a few potions before you set out, as they might be necessary, though it is unlikely you will need more than two).

When the Rogue Tomato has 50% of its HP (health points) remaining, it will jump off the end of the cliff area to the ground below. Just follow it down there, and continue attacking it relentlessly, once again using a potion whenever necessary. Like I said, it shouldn’t be too hard, and therefore it doesn’t require much of a battle strategy at all.

Once you’ve defeated the Rogue Tomato, go back to Tomaj in the Sandsea to get your bounty of 300 gil, Potion x2, and a Teleport Stone. And ta da! Your first completed mark hunt. Also, after this, Tomaj will tell you about Clan Centurio, so make sure you head over to the Clan HQ in the north of Rabanastre and join the clan.


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