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A Human body is termed healthy when each and every organ of the body function properly and efficiently.  Our evolution has led to a great extent of changes in our lifestyle, food habits and even posture.
Human body’s weight is totally held and supported by the spine causing it to become extremely vulnerable to injury and strain in cases where care is not taken to maintain the correct posture and shape.

Spine is also called the backbone of vertebral column, whose main functions are structure and protecting the spinal cord. The spine is divided into four curves, the cervical curve, thoracic curve, lumbar curve and pelvic curve. Supporting all parts of the body the spine or the vertebral column is an extremely important organ in our body and any discomfort or damage to this organ results in a serious health problem calling for medical intervention.

The spinal cord which is protected by the spine is made of 26 vertebrae all of which play very important role in supporting the human body. These vertebrae have some soft jelly like substance in between, which basically act as the shock absorbers and prevent the vertebrae from coming in contact with the other.

However with the fast life of 21st century which involves lots of traveling, excessive bending or the stressed filled life can cause some damage to this spinal cord and this trauma may cause the soft jelly like substance to move out of its place and protrude. This is caused disc herniation or the slip disc. Such damages to the spine can cause immense pain which needs medical attention immediately. Approaching a best neurologist is an ideal solution at this point of time as it may require either surgical or non-surgical treatment.  

One such health care center to approach for your neurological problems is Dr. Gupte’s Spine & Brain Clinic located in Pune. Known as one of the best spine center  the Spine & Brain Clinic has some of the best neurologists who are highly competent and dedicated. Equipped with the best of facilities Dr. Gupte’s Spine & Brain Clinic specializes in dealing with problems like spine injury, spine infection, spine bifida, neck and back pain and many more. Having the best health care facility with the latest technological equipment the Spine & Brain Clinic is and ideal choice for patients suffering from any problems related to brain and spine.

Though disc herniation is a commonly found problem these days, the treatment whether surgical are non-surgical depends upon the condition of the patient. Plenty of rest with pain killers being the very common treatment, doctors may suggest surgery depending on the magnitude of the problem.


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