Are You Addicted to Love

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You drop everything for love

You could be in the middle of a career and you move to another state just to be with the one you love. You drop everything by the second just to be with the other person. You don’t even think twice about how hard you have worked to get to your career. You don’t think about what you will do for a living at the other state.

You lose your money for love

You seem to be spending a lot of money on your lover and you don’t care ho much you’re spending as long as you get to be with that person. You’re careless of yo8ur money. You take her to Europe to Hawaii in a day. You end up with nothing base you spend it all on your love.

You change for your love

You change your identity and who you are and what you do just for love. You do everything that you can just to be with your love. You don’t mind changing your fashion, hairstyle, your family life just to be with that person. You neglect your family just to be with that person.

You don’t have your own identity

You don’t know who you are anymore. You seem to only know the other person. You don’t even know your name anymore or your career, or your purpose in life. You seem really lost.

Your entire day composed of love

You can’t seem to do anything but think about your love. Your entire day is spending on love. Your entire thought is robbed by love. You’re deeply in love. You’re a sucker to lover.

You’re going insane over love

You seem to be going insane over love. You’re really insane over love. You seem like you’re just wondering around waiting for your lover to call you or to show up. You have really lost it is what people having been telling you. You don’t even eat, sleep or dress right anymore and you quit your job and sit at home and wait for your love. This is really is insane and it’s time for you to knock out of it and get your life back.


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