How to Bring a Woman Home After a Date

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Isn’t it every guy’s goal is to hit a home run? If you want to know the secret to hit a home run, then you need to read on. Yes, you can bring her home after a date but you have to be careful because it does take some work before she will say yes. It’s not hard if you know how it does like a pro. Here are some tips on how to score it big with women.

Pay for the date

If you want to get her home, you must show her that you are the man and you must pay for the date. It’s unmanly to ask a beautiful woman to pay for you. It’s rude and embarrassing to your manhood. Men usually pick up the tab for women and usually on the first few dates. It’s ok if she offer later on but you should always offer it on the first date. You don’t want her to think that you’re broke. A woman doesn’t like the message that a man is broke. She will not want to be with you if you are broke.

Compliment something nice about her

You should compliment her about something like your outfit is beautiful or your hair is shiny and nice like Pocahontas. You must not tell her anything that is offensive like you’re fat or that you have yellow teeth. These are the no’s of dating and she will slap you if she’s too kind. You always want to say something nice to a woman.

Don’t flirt with other people

It’s rude and it will turn your date off so don’t flirt with other people while you’re on a date with a woman. This will not help you hit home run. She will not go out with you again so don’t even think about bringing her home. It says that you’re more interested in other people than her.

Engage in the conversation

You should talk to her and get to know her and form a bond. When you form a bond, you will have more to talk about and she will feel friendly toward you and you can make a connection and start things from there.

Ask her if she likes to watch a movie

You can ask her if she wants to do something fun and casual with you like watching a movie on Netflix at home so you can get to know her more in a quiet environment. If she likes you, you will say yes to it.

Make up something

You should make up something just to get her to go home with you like you have to work early and you need a nap and it will be great to have some company too so you can save some time. Or your cat needs some caring and a woman’s touch just might be it.

A little flirting

A little flirting is all you need to get her in the mood, like a light kiss, holding hands, or long stare in the eyes, and a lot of smiling. She will get your hints.


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