Looks That Will Scare Women Away

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Messy hair

you can have a new hair cut, dye your hair, brush your hair, and you don’t have to keep the old, messy look that you had ten years ago, but some peopled anyways. They will have looks that were from ten years ago and they hardly ever change it, cut it or dye it. It’s time to fashion up if you want women to pay attention to you.

Too much body hair

I think some facial hair or some chest hair might be attractive but a 10inch long goatee isn’t attractive or a one foot long hair length isn’t attractive either. Or nose hair that about five inches long. I’m not attractive to these things and I think that there must be tons of bugs in that hair too so no woman would want to come close to you.

Messy clothing

You’re an adult, you can iron your clothing, wash them or buy new ones, unless you’re a homeless than we can understand, but most guys look like they’re homeless even though they are not. You should neaten up your fashion and look your best always.

Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth wont’ do. Nowadays, you can buy teeth whitening for a dollar so why not use it. Why have yellow teeth. Would you want to kiss a woman with orange teeth? The answer is a no of course so why do you think she will want to kiss yo8ur orange teeth.

Cigarettes smell

A know a lot of smokers out there but women are so not attracted to cigarettes smell. It’s just a turn off sometimes. If you smoke, you should at least spray on some cologne to help the woman stand next to you not suffocate or get second hand smoke.

Too much tattoos

a little bit of tattoos are attractive but if you have tattoos in your neck, face, tongue, behind then it’s time to hide them in some way by wearing makeup or something or have them remove because she won’t even know how you look like. How do you get a job with all those tattoos anyways? I know that employers don’t like tattoos so watch your tattoos.

No teeth

If you have no front teeth, you can’t get a date. People will be shock to see you with no teeth so it’s time to get some nice artificial teeth. I’ve seen many people post photos of them on dating websites with no teeth and I must say they’re not attractive at all and you will not get a date.


If you’re just a little overweight then it’s alright but if you’re three hundred pounds overweight, it’s time to lose weight before you try to get a woman. Not a lot of woman out there will put up with overweight issues.

Too thin

You can try to eat some more and lift major weights because girls like big guys or guys with muscles who can lift them like a little girl.


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