Why Is Liquid Vitamin Supplement More Susceptible to Toxicity?

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No. It’s not dangerous, but it can be. People tend to abuse the use of food supplements by totally relying on them for nutritional needs (supermodels, anyone?). It is a given fact that popping a pill or taking a sip of your favorite brand gives less hassle than choosing and eating the right foods every day, not to mention the concomitant calories. In a busy time like today when every minute is money, the desire to find the easiest ways to stay healthy is continuously fanned by research and breakthroughs in the medical industry. However, while people become more health conscious, they are also becoming less wary of the bad sides these supplements have.

One commonly ignored danger of food supplements is overdosage or essentially, its toxicity level in the human body. Experts deem the risk higher in taking liquid vitamin supplement than its solid counterparts. Incidence also fail to show otherwise as cases are now higher with liquid vitamins. Nevertheless, this phenomenon doesn’t imply that liquid vitamins are more hazardous to health in nature. In fact, medical trends tend to show the opposite. Why the contradictions?

Liquid vitamins are easier to take and more delectable to the palate as dictated by consumers (the demand of flavorful varieties). Many people mistake them for mere beverages which is very much wrong. There is a wide set of flavors for different tastes which causes consumers to forget that they are indeed taking up supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, vitamins and minerals have their tolerable levels in the body. Vitamin C for instance is tolerable up to 2,000 milligrams per day but may cause indigestion, diarrhea and vomiting if exceeded.

In reality, toxicity is not caused by overeating healthy foods. Supplements do. There is still no better way to keep healthy than to eat the right way, with minimal support of dietary supplements.

(Experts warn that although liquid vitamin supplements offer faster nutrient absorption to the body, its susceptibility to toxic levels is also at a higher rate compared to the solid forms. Does it mean it is dangerous or will precautions suffice?)


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