Updating Yourself as a Senior to Get Along With Young People

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The world nowadays is so different than fifty years ago and I’m seeing that a lot of seniors are having trouble fitting in with this new world. It’s important that you remain updated so that you can take care of yourself better and communicate with those around you better. Sometimes, when you’re too ingrained in the past, you’re missing out on the present but also confuse a lot of young people too. It’s not hard to learn to update yourself. We have changed but it’s nothing that you can’t learn in a few minutes and if you can’t then you need a few days to learn them but you will be able to pick up on them eventually. Here are a few things that you will need to help you update yourself.


We are a computers generation. Everything has to do with computers. They’re not hard. You see a screen and the typing pad. I guess they had something like this fifty years ago too but much larger and separated. However, it’s not hard to use. All you have to do is turn it on and click on the programs that you want to use and use it. You don’t need to use a type writer anymore. You can email on the computers, chat with friends,


There are smart phone nowadays, where you can do pretty much anything on it. You should get yourself one and it will help you keep connected with the rest of your family and relative. It will save you time and energy.


There is the Ipads, the Ipads is just like your computer except that it’s slower, smaller, and the typing key is on the screen instead. You can watch TV, movies with it, email, internet, words and do everything that you can with a computer. This will also help you keep company while you’re by yourself. This is not a scary thing.

DVDs players

No one use video tapes nowadays. Everyone is either using DVD or Netflix so get use to this. It’s not scary to use DVD; it’s smaller and more convenient.

Automatic cars

Cars nowadays have automatic features in them. You just have to push a button and everything is done. Yes, it’s convenient but there is nothing scary about it.


You don’t have to write letters nowadays, you can write emails. They are faster and you will save time and stamps.

Privacy issue

Young people nowadays have immense privacy needs and they will be really angry at you if you invade their privacy, like going into their room, moving things around, changing things around, throwing their stuff away. They will also get mad at you if you look into their mail, call their last call numbers, or snoop on them when their girlfriend is over. They are not ok with these issues at all. They prefer that you allow them to do the things that they want to do. They do not like people to bother them with their own life.

Open to dating

Kids nowadays date many people before they get marry so it’s not like fifty years ago where you date anyone that your parents tell you to date and marry them right away. Time sure has change a lot regarding dating and love.


Kids nowadays are very fashionable and they don’t close it all up like back in the days. You might get offended but times have change and a little fashion isn’t much harm either. You should be open to fun clothing. I don’t agree with revealing clothing either but do accept weird and fun clothing. They’re just great for kids. It’s a way for them to express their creative sides.


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