Get your pet microchipped!!

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I never really thought much about the fact that my cats were microchipped. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but there wasn’t really any reason to give it much more thought after that particular trip to the vet.

Until our beautiful ginger cat went missing.

We put up posters and posted little leaflets to everyone in the nearby roads. Then several people called us and said they had seen two young girls carrying a ginger cat up the road a little way away from where we lived.

We had all but given up hope, when we get a call from the RSPCA!

Someone had found our cat about a mile and a half away from where we live, and taken him to the RSPCA, where they promptly checked his microchip!

So we are eternally grateful to the little miracles that we call microchips, and very glad that we decided that day so long ago to get both of our cats microchipped. 

Now, getting your pet microchipped is actually very easy. You can just go to your usual vet (or the local vet, if you don’t go to one otherwise) and ask them to microchip your cat. They will need your details so that they know what to put onto the microchip. And then they will insert the microchip into your pet (I think they put it in the paw? Or is that just my sci-fi nerd-y-ness?). After that, you really won’t have to think of it again, but it may really help you later on if you have the misfortune of losing a pet, or having it catnapped, like I think my lovely ginger was!!

So really, the one-off fee isn’t that much, and it may mean your cat or dog is returned to you when otherwise it wouldn’t be!


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