Know When to Stop Using Your Liquid Vitamin Supplement Brand

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All dietary supplement manufacturers including liquid vitamin supplements are bound to comply with certain production guidelines mandated by the Dietary Supplement Safety Act which started on June 2010. But despite the many substandard brands available in the market, people still give in to the tempts of sweet talkers. Using dietary supplement is also addictive, probably just one step behind hypochondriacs for some. So how will you know when to stop then?

1. It doesn’t show obvious results.

If your product promises smoothening of skin or radiant grow of hair but you fail to notice the difference within a given period of time, then stop. It is not working if it is not working. Although some may instruct you to use it for a month or two before seeing the benefits, you should still learn to scrutinize the effects if they are doing you any good. Nutrients are not like the latest shampoo craze that works only after a few weeks. Do not wait for too long, enough for you to realize that you just wasted your money for some bogus products.

2. It’s not compatible with your body.

I know someone who was using liquid vitamin that aided in losing weight. Within a week, rashes started to appear on her skin. Although the bottle indicated that it was indeed a sign that her body was absorbing the supplement very well, I still found it preposterous to shed off some fat yet gain rashes in the process. Worst cases can even trigger allergies which may be fatal. The bottom line is, know when your body says stop even if your mind says go.

3. The price is draining your resources.

Supplements can be very expensive depending on the promised benefits (some cost from $50 to $100 per bottle). Of course, liquid vitamin supplements won’t be popular if brands just promise sheer vitamin and mineral content. Some have the audacity to claim too far, like being the miracle breakthrough. It is better to continually use a safe brand than to lavish on an expensive one but stop shortly after. Besides, it is more bearable to keep using a cheap product than an expensive one…until you see some results.


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