Can Natural Liquid Vitamin Supplements Deliver Their Promised Better Results?

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thousands of people including me have been to that point where they are willing to do anything for a sick loved one. Out of frustration on limited medical capacity, a person may search for days everywhere – thru the web, newspapers, or magazines – just to get reliable answers to seemingly unanswerable questions concerning health and safety.

Many liquid vitamin supplements claim to be the elixir but they are not medicines per se. They aid in helping the body recover from what illnesses do to health. Think twice if the claim is way beyond what medical evidence can prove. Effectiveness and nutritional benefits vary per product, as well as per the body type of the user and the usage. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all especially when health is concerned.

The fad which is selling more nowadays is the all-natural tag. Synthetics are now left behind the race as buyers shun harmful chemicals with only short-term benefits. New super foods continue to be converted into food supplements such as acai berry, wolf berry, blueberry and crops which grow accordingly on the remotest parts of the Himalayan Mountain Range or elsewhere. Others add mineral water from places with unbelievable healing properties. It is ironic that in this modern times, many traditional medicinal plants are being integrated again for nutritional purposes. All of these are promising and proven but only in in vitro level (lab test and not on humans).

Delivering the promised results depends not only on the product itself but on how religious you are in taking the designated dosage and how you support your complementary nutrition. Many effective supplements are rendered futile because health is taken for granted. They are supplements to begin with, not miracle workers.

Throwing your hopes of wellness on food supplements is not wrong for as long as abuse is not done. It is called a supplement to act as a support, to supply what is missing in your nutrition slate and not to fill in the role of real foods. Read the label and see that even products suggest the usage, “20 minutes to one hour before or after every meal for best results.”


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