Review of Anti-Flag’s album For Blood and Empire

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I’ve only recently truly discovered Anti-Flag. I had always known of them, but I never bothered to really listen to any of their music until I went to a Rise Against concert that had Anti-Flag as the support band (sadly, Justin Sane broke his collarbone and so they had all flown home, thus it was totally useless for me to listen to their music, but oh well! I found that I like them anyway)

I downloaded their album For Blood and Empire, because I had heard from a friend that it was their best album. While I can’t yet say whether or not I agree with that, I can say that I really like this album. Some highlights to look out for:

The Press Corpse
Perhaps my favourite song of the entire album, with an unavoidably catchy chorus, and good verses. The lyrics are also good, and I can’t help but sing along.

Project For A New American Century
Great guitar riff here, along with a great chorus that has some almost accusatory lyrics. One of the best songs of the album.

Hymn For The Dead
With an oddly religious title and chorus, along with a touching trumpet section, this song stands out, but somehow works very well. Very catchy too, so I really like it.

This Is The End (For You My Friend)
I don’t really like the verses of this song, I find them a bit boring. On the other hand, I love the chorus – ok, it’s a bit poppy, but only in the good way! And the lyrics definitely make up for some of that poppy-ness.

Unfortunately, this album suffers from a common problem – the best songs are all at the beginning. Now, I always listen to albums in their proper track order, so I find that I’m getting bored towards the end of the album. In fact, the songs in the second half of the album actually bore me a little bit. They just aren’t up to the standard of the rest of the album. All the same, I really like this album and have recently ordered it from Amazon (so no flaming me for not supporting the artist! :P)


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