Making Twitter Work for You

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Using twitter to connect with friends, family and your fans is very easy but time consuming. Twitter is essentialy a micro blog you give a 140 character update of your mood or what you are doing now. If you add a link to your website all of your followers will see said link, and if someone reetweets you then all of there followers will see your link.

Now with this said everyone is updating there situation constantly and your postings get burried quickly. If you don’t want to sit on twitter all day to advertise there you can sign up for a twitter program that will do most of the work for you. I will put a link to fore mentioned program at end of article. The program I have found to work the best is Tweet Later.

With Tweet Later you can automate a message to greet any new followers you aquire, and automaticly follow them in return. You can squedule all of your tweets for hours in advance so you can go on and write some more or whatever else it is you are doing. This program will keep track of any replies, messages, or tweets of interest to you for you. You can schedule the program to send you an email at a frequency that you choose to keep you up to date on your account.

With everything scheduled and running you will have a fully functing ad company going for your companies and keeping your followers up to date on your day to day happenings. The program has a free feature for some one like me who only needs minor automation, or a pro account for the person with lots of buisness needs that they cannot take care of.

Tweet Later…

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