Things That You Should Not to Expect During First Date

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If you get really lucky or if you’re hot like James McVoy then you might expect this on the first date. Yes, it could happen but don’t expect it just yet, because if you have it, you might not get a second date. It’s rude to try to get it or try too hard to get it with a girl that you like, if you must, just let her make the move. There are some women who think that sex on the first date is very much a turn off so if you give off hints that you want it, she might be extremely offended by that.

Getting married

Ok, you’re having fun and you like her, but getting married will be five years from now so don’t expect it, it will freak her out. I know a lot of people out there are very passionate about their potential girlfriend or boyfriend, but talking about marriage right off is not the most ideal thing to do. You will never know how you will not like her after the tenth date. It happened to me and my date and I never went after the first date. We broke up.

Moving in

Ok, so moving are great and you will get to be with her but she might not feel the same way. Women don’t like to move in. they like to move in when they’ve found the one whereas men would love to move in with just about anyone.

Long term commitment

First date is just first date and long term commitment is great but you won’t know it until the first six month is over and you’re still dating so don’t even think about it.

Going home with her

Yes, you might like the idea of hopping into bed with her but she might not like it. She might live with a boyfriend or a really jealous pit bull.

Her paying

She could pay but you won’t get the second date so don’t even think about it. It’s rude to ask a lady to pay for you a big man. A man should always offer to pay.

Kissing sessions

It’s fine if you do end up making out, but you don’ have to make out. You don’t even know if this person is disease free. Kissing can definitely spread diseases.

Meeting the parents

No, don’t think about this yet, you still want more hot dates with her and when you meet the parents, they will tell you to stop dating her and they will scare you away with their fake teeth.

Wear your worst clothing

Save this for the one thousand dates, but never show up with your worst clothing, it will not give you a second date. Women do not like men who hate to dress up. Women are all about fashion so dress for their visually hungry eyes.


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