Dating Tips For The Shy Woman

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Make little step

It’s scary because everyone is afraid of rejection so now you know how men feel about you. If everyone waits for the other person then no one would make a move on this Earth. I guess you have to take risk and it’s a gamble so you must play the game if you want to win the jackpot. I guess you don’t have to confess your love right away but you can make baby steps toward the relationship.


When you see a guy that you like across the room, you don’t have to propose on your knees right away, you can just simply look at him and then smile. If he smiles back, then you can smile some more. The more you smile, the more you can break the ice.


You can flirt your way into his heart and then maybe he will make the bold move. Flirting would include eyes contact, smiling, and some more smiling or say hi to him or compliment something about him like nice shirt or cute hair do.

Eyes contact

Eyes contact can be a powerful ways to send a signal to someone that you like them so do look at them. You should look at them and let them stare back at you. Do wink if you feel like it. The eyes could speak volumes what the mouth doesn’t need to say.

Say hi

You can say hi to them if you build up the courage. You can walk up to them and introduce yourself to them. It doesn’t hurt to say hi or introduce yourself to them. Maybe he will ask you out, you just never know.

Casual dates

You can ask them on a casual date and it doesn’t have to be a date but it’s a way to build up a relationship. You can just casually ask them to the party at your college or to your birthday party and see how things will end up for you.

Don’t scare them away

You can scare people away if you are too serious at first. You can just let things flow and don’t force anything out of your relationship. If you ask them to move in, marry you, right away, you will freak them out, and especially men. They will be freaked out.


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