What do Women Consider Rude in a Man

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Who wouldn’t consider this as rude? This is outright the worst thing that you can do to a woman. She will resent you and she will hate you forever. No one can tolerate cheating but men couldn’t just care less about it.


If you must burp, please do it quietly and not try to make the loudest noise that you can. This is gross to a lot of women. Women are pretty neat little thing and we do not like to hear burp noises so don’t do it in front of us. Please do not do this even if you’ve been married for thirty years, women still dislike it. I know I do and it’s a major turn off or just plain rude.  

Slapping them around

Men see no harm is slapping a woman gluteus for fun but we feel insulted when you do it. It’s just a harsh way that men greet us but we just feel like you can use a soft touch instead of a slap so no slapping women around.


Men think that it’s fun to swear but we think that it’s just awful to hear them swear all the time. Women just hardly ever swear and so we think it’s rude to hear it or if it’s being said to us. We don’t like bad words period. We were taught right by our parents or we are the ones that listen to them. It’s bad when we have children and they have to hear it all the time. It’s blue collar language.

Not cleaning after yourself

If you keep on leaving the toilet seat up, we will consider this rude. We clean up after ourselves so we like it when you clean up after yourself becaue you’re old enough to do that. I hate putting the toilet seat down every time I go to the bathroom.

Flirting in front of her

This is the most disrespectful thing you can do to a woman is to flirt in front of her, at least do it behind her back. I can’t blame her if she breaks up with you for flirting in front of her.

Calling her fat or other names

If you call a woman fat, it’s over for you. She will not call you again. If you call a woman by names, she will call you back with worst names so avoid calling her names or fatso. It’s just plain rude.

Being controlling

If you control her all the time, she will think that you’re trying to be her daddy and she already has one. Controlling your mate is the most awful thing you can do to her. She will resent you and she will want to escape from you forever. Women run when they sense that you’re trying to control them. There is no need to control an adult. They will soon find their ways to escape from you.


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