6 Tips to Help Improve Heart Health For The Elderly

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Exercise is the best medicine and it will be good for your heart. This is the one activity that will help you regain your heart health. Working out is the best thing there is for your heart. This is better than medicine and it’s cheaper and more effective. You will get good heart health over time.

Less fatty food

Eating a diet low in fat will help you to regain heart health. Fatty food is very bad for your heart. You will gain high cholesterol and it will clog your arteries leading to heart disease and heart problems for sure. You should not fry your food but bake them or boil them or grill them.

Low salt, caffeine

Low salt should be noted because salt retain water and thus put a strain on your heart making it pump a larger water volume which makes it works harder so it’s easy to contact heart problem this way. Caffeine will give you high blood pressure and it’s not good for your heart. Caffeine is not good for someone with heart problems or blood pressure problems because it increases their heart rate and blood pressure. It’s a stimulant and not good for adults with heart problems overall. It might be ok for younger adults.


You should take your medication because it will help with your heart problems. It’s very effective and that’s why it’s prescribed to you. You should follow all direction very carefully and take it as exactly as prescribed. If you miss a dose or take it too little or too much it can be life threatening. This will save you over time.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart. Fruits and vegetables help your health and it’s not fattening. It helps you lose weight and there are plenty of vitamins in it and it helps your health.


Supplements are good for the heart. It will save your heart from some problems. We all need vitamins and minerals and we don’t get enough of them in our diet. So we need to take them. A deficiency in some of the vitamins or minerals can lead to anemia problems.


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