Help With Animal Hoarding

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People can get lonely and it could be the reason why they like to have company. As long as they’re noting hurting the animals, I don’t see any harm in it. It takes awhile for a hoarder to get rid of her cats.


A person can get really depressed over their life so they use animals for entertainment to keep them happy. I think it’s harmless as long as they’re happy but sometimes, they will not feed the animals and it’s torturing for the animals. Yes, I have seen a lot of depressed people hoarding over different things. I think animals are helpless so people like to use them for emotional baggage. I’ve seen on a TV show, a homeless lady who was hoarding ten cats.

Need friends

Hoarder needs friends and the animals are their friends. The animals make them feel safe so that’s why they have a lot of animals. It’s a harmless notion but people need friends and if animals are their friends then it’s not so bad as long as they don’t harm the animals. The hoarder then can help him or herself by making real fiends or go online and make friends or join some sort of activities or group so they can be with people.

Focus on work

The hoarder can get their mind off of hoarding by focusing on other ratings like working. When someone is working, they can hoard off of their work instead of animal hoarding but animals are so cute that it’s hard to keep their eyes off of them.

Focus on going out

The hoarder can get their mind off of hoarding by going out and let their mind focus on other things and people, and maybe they will find something else to hoard on like people or flowers or things or the beach. Your mind is always active and seeking some sort of entertainment so keeps your mind busy by focusing on something. Work on a puzzle or a really long and boring one if you must to keep your mind off of things.

Get rid of one pet per month

If you have a hard time getting rid of pet, you can get rid of them one by one in a slow manner. It’s never good to abruptly let it all go. You can let it go slowly one by one and it’s best to curb it this way.

Ten two pets per month

The next month, you can them let go of one more pet, give it away or post it on Craig list or bring it to an animal shelter.

Then third pet per month

The third month, you can let go of the third pet and from time to time, you will feel better about letting go of pets.

Keep only one or two pets

It’s healthy to keep only one or two pets at a time. This is not hoarding but keeping them as company and there is nothing wrong with that. Keeping pets as company is not a hoarding problems.

Write down on a journal your problems

If it helps you, you should write down on a journal problems about your life so that it will help you see your behavior on papers and why you are hoarding. A journal really helps people to express their feelings and help them see the harmful things that they are doing.

Why do you think you’re hoarding

You can write down on your journal the things that made you a hoarder. You write down the reasons why you’re hoarding and work on those problems. You can also write down the things that will help you get rid of hoarding and take little steps.


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