What Happened to Two Million Years (At Least) of Humans’ Previous Diet?

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We really can’t know why no one paid any attention to what humans had been eating as the modern kitchen was not much different than the one existing in Roman times. All that can be said is that the science of agriculture was now in full bloom with many land grant universities beginning to dot the landscape and a whole host of agricultural Ph. Ds. rising as the leaders in providing dietary information to the public. That the U. S. Department of Agriculture became the default disseminator of nutrition information suggests that agriculture served as the basis of what humans should eat.

Looking at the list, above, indicates that no one paid any attention to the anthropological record of what foods served to maintain humans during many millions of years of their history on earth.

One is startled to examine the list and wonder how it was possible that Paleolithic man survived for at least a million years while consuming only a small part of Group 2, above. Some current-day Stone Age populations subsist on Group 1 alone, others on Group 2, and most have never even heard of  Groups 4, 6, 5, 1, 3, or 7.

The Current Recommendations Smack of Vegetarianism

So, this is where we are in the dietary recommendations made to the nation since the early 1900’s. Yet, we need to ask the question as to how this came about? The historical record previous to this time is clear: humans were hunters and gatherers and lived mostly on meat. Even in the U. S. in the late 1800’s this was still true and even though humans have been involved in agriculture for the last ten to fifteen thousand years, meat still represented the bulk of the human diet.

Unearthing the Roots of Vegetarianism

Second only to fasting, my three years as a vegetarian followed the worst conscious decision I’ve ever made in all my dietary experiments. Of course, if I hadn’t been a vegetarian, I couldn’t give you the sound advice on diet that I’m providing in this book.

Here’s what vegetarianism taught me: Meat and fat, that’s it: These are the two primary foods that human beings are supposed to eat. Millions of years of the anthropological record prove it — without a doubt. So, why are there these unceasing proclamations about the health-giving effects of vegetarianism? Why is it that almost everyone in the U. S. — including our esteemed doctors and nutritionists, clergyman, governmental leaders, showbiz folks, and policy makers — prattle on about the dangers of fat and meat and bear the banner for fruits, vegetables, and grains?


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