How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer

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How to make your eyelashes longer

Eyes make up holds as much importance as any other type of facial make up. Proper use of eye make up can give an extra glow to your personality. The most part of an eye make up is concerned with eye lashes. You can give your eye lashes the desired length or density using several cosmetic tools and techniques. I will now discuss the different cosmetic techniques used for making eye lashes longer and more adorable.

One way to achieve this result is by curling your eye lashes in this way your eye lashes will look longer and beautiful. Although this can be done with your fingers also but a better way to curl you eye lashes is by using metallic eye lash curler. To do this you have to press your eye lashes with the curler. The design of curler is made such that it gives your lashes a curl. To achieve a lasting curl you can also warm the curler a bit. To give a curl to your eye lashes you can also use mascara. Mascara is often used to increase the density of eye lashes but it can also be used for curling.

Another way to achieve longer eye lashes is by using fake eye lashes. Fake lashes are widely available in the market and you can purchase the ones that meet your need. In particular you may look for following thing when purchasing a fake lash. To choose the ones that matches your original ones in color and texture. Once you are ready to apply your artificial lashes you should apply the glue on the band of the eye lashes after you have applied the glue place it near you eye lash line and keep it there till the glue dries and after it dries you can use mascara to blend the lashes with your original ones. It only takes few minutes to get the desired result.

You can also use a more sophisticated technique called eye lash extension to increase the length of your eye lashes. In eye lash extension each individual artificial lash is attached to your natural one with special glue by an expert beautician. This technique is expensive and cost more then three hundred dollars. And there is a lot of up keep required. Normally the natural eye lash falls of every two or three weeks taking the artificial ones with them. So the  up-keeping session becomes unavoidable. Each up-keeping session may cost you up to $50. These artificial lashes are made up of silk or synthetic fiber and are flexible and strong. They look more natural than other artificial eye lashes.

All the options available for increasing the length of eye lashes can be used to increase the length of eye lashes and it is up to you to choose your desired technique.


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