The Anxiousness Scheduler

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Like paul merson you just have to boss it! Boss it like you have never bossed it before. I talking bossing the dance floor 1 by 1 !

Be reem and boss it like joey!

Whether you are ‘YouTube’ or a local flower shop you can sell advertising space to search engines who have over a billion clients willing to pay for content specific ads. Sports advertising is a huge sector with plenty of organisations willing to display banner ads or search engine ads on sites which attract avid sports fans.

A bit like the The Anxiousness Scheduler who at the end of the day is like a pair of hot carrots you just have to nail it and the nail it even harder!

The Anxiousness Scheduler will be a community based site where users can interact with each other organising sports matches and giving there opinions on breaking sports news. This can be set up using a free service from Google called

What are you saying cuz

Companies are now adopting pay-per-click campaigns and banner ads to entice the passive consumer to absorb their product. All human activity is rapidly being enhanced by the effect of specified websites to make information easily accessible.

The average consumer is sharing photos, buying products, cyber dating and booking holidays online. It will only be a matter of time before the ‘Google’ generation turn their sporting trends towards new media.

Online: Using low bids on ppc advertising, and promotion on social networking sites like YouTube, Gumtree, Wiki and other web 2.0 sites. E marketing through collecting emails on the site.

Offline: Flyers with offers and incentives to log on distributed at high profile sporting events.

Link juice.

At the end of the day a links is a link unless it isnt a link do you know what i mean?! Course you do because I am the muts nuts when it comes to SEO. I am the big dog the big chuncky charlie. It just keeps spinning around and spinning around!

Oh there you are peter you can fight you can fly and you can crow!!!!!

On it like sonic, in there like swimwear oh yeah baby. Im going to vom all night!


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