Diabetes is a Disease That Had Complications

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Diabetes is a disease that had complications (causing the occurrence of other diseases) the most. It is associated with high blood sugar can cause continuous damage to blood vessels, nerves and other organs. Patients with diabetes may experience a variety of long-term complications if not managed properly diabetesnya. Complications are more common and death is heart attack and stroke. Besides other complications that may occur is damage to blood vessels in the retina of the eye (retinopathy diabetikum) that can cause visual disturbances, abnormalities in kidney function that can cause kidney failure patients should undergo cleaning up blood (hemodialisa) and damage to the nerves that cause the skin more frequently injured. Apart from that wound / infection in patients with diabetes usually walk slow healing because of high sugar in the blood causing bacteria can grow, the result in some cases amputation Otis sometimes one of the options to stop the spread of infection. Importance of Athletics for Diabetes Patients regularly Athletics is important for diabetics because it can control your blood sugar levels and lose weight and blood pressure. Patients with diabetes who exercise regularly are also more rare to have a heart attack or stroke compared to the less exercise. Cause why athletics can help control your blood sugar is because at the time of exercise, muscle cells work harder so that more needs sugar and oxygen to burned into energy than they do rest. Athletics also help the work of insulin for blood sugar passes into the muscle cells for conversion to energy up automatically in the blood sugar levels will decline until will ease the work of insulin. Here are some other benefits of exercise on a routine basis to patients with diabetes:

Control your blood sugar, especially in type 2 diabetes, whereas for type 1 diabetes is still a problematik.
Inhibited and improve cardiovascular disease risk factors are quite common in people with diabetes, such as Coroner Heart Disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral vascular disease.
Helps weight loss program in patients with diabetes who also suffer obesity, especially when done in conjunction with diet regulation.
Psychological profitable, organized sports can improve the level of physical freshness for improving the cardiovascular system, respiration, controlling blood sugar until patients feel fit, reduce the anxiety of the disease, I feel happy and more self confidence improve and enhance the quality of life.
Reduce the need for oral medication and insulin use.
Prevent premature diabetes, especially for people – people with a family history of diabetes or for the entry in the pre diabetes.
Organized athletics for diabetics is low impact aerobic exercise and rithmis like gymnastics, jogging, swimming and ride a bicycle, while the static resistance training is not recommended (such as lifting a load, etc.). Training portion should also be noted, excessive exercise to the detriment of health, while too little exercise is not so useful. The determination of the portion of the exercise training intensity should be noticed, training time and frequency of training. In practice intensity training undertaken by the club – a club for people with diabetes be assessed by:

Target pulse / training area.
Blood sugar levels before and after training.
Blood pressure before and after training.

Exercise diabetes in Indonesia
In Indonesia there are mainly aimed at health exercise for diabetics, diabetic gymnastics is gymnastics. Exercise diabetes made ​​by the specialists associated with diabetes, among medical rehabilitation, disease in, athletic health, as well as nutrition and exercise studio. Movement gymnastics diabetes is an energetic movement, but not like in gymnastics mengentak physical freshness (SKJ) but also not low impact exercise such as the elderly. A particular movement is able to exercise their own diabetes the body to burn calories also can lower blood sugar levels. Variation in diabetes self-motion in gymnastics gymnastics pretty much up to the diabetes can move all parts of the body, from head to toe. Varied movements in gymnastics that could serve as a training media remembrance of the brain, because the familiar brain works will help improve memory and prevent senility. Because the benefits are many, gymnastics diabetes not only among diabetisi allocated for it. But, gymnastics diabetes may also be performed by persons who are not diabetics, so as to prevent them from getting diabetes. Here’s gymnastics movement diabetes:

Heating a
Stand in the place. Lift both hands on the shoulders selurus. Linking hands. Do alternately with both hands in front of the position of the body.
Heating 2
Standing in place. Lift both arms straight in front of the body to the shoulder. Then, move the second finger as if to squeeze. Then, open wide. Do interchangeably, but the hand lifted the body to the right and left shoulders straight.
The essence of a
firm standing position. Right leg advanced a step forward. Left foot still in place. Right hand raised to the right shoulder selurus body. While the left hand palm bent to reach the chest. Do it in turn.
Core 2
position stands firm. Right leg lifted up to the thighs and calves form an angle of 90 degrees. Left foot still in place. Right hand raised to the right shoulder selurus body. While the left hand palm bent to reach the chest. Do it in turn.
Cooling a
little bend right leg, left leg straight. Left arm straight forward selurus shoulder. Bent into the right hands. Do it in turn.
Cooling 2
position foot inverted letter V shape. Spread on the hands by forming the letter V.
This gymnastics routine should be done every day or at least 2-3 times a week so it will get the maximum benefit. In the hospital or diabetes club, they usually hold regular events such exercise every morning for two times a week.


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