How Can I Increase Traffic to my Web Site?

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For the better part of the last decade I have developed and marketed many websites for friends, family, business colleagues and many others. I have noticed that no matter how good the website may be or specific to a problem it might solve, it is absolutely useless if nobody knows where to find it.

The World Wide Web is this huge warehouse of websites. If you want to find something in that warehouse you will probably need to be told where it is. Better yet would be not only told where it is but how to use it, the benefits of using it and so on. That is where this technique comes in.

Now I will say this before I continue and that is, if you have a poorly designed website, I don’t care what kind of marketing or advertising techniques you use, any visitors that you do get won’t stay for long. You should do some research on optimizing your website for usability before you begin this marketing technique.

Your website is about something. You either sell a product or provide a service. That is what makes it a web business. In order to be successful at it you must get visitors. Now you could pay for those pay per click advertising campaigns and hope that those who click your ad will actually buy something or you can get them to visit your website for free.

Since you have a web business that obviously makes you an expert at whatever it is you are selling. You need to pass that knowledge along to others. The process of passing your knowledge along is the technique that will increase your website’s traffic and that process is called article marketing.

Article marketing is when you write an article that is related to your website that educates and informs the reader, submit that article to article directories, and those readers find your website through that article. Here let me explain further.

Let’s say that you have a web site that sells power tools. To use this technique of article marketing you should write articles that educate the user on how to use those power tools, or use them more effectively, or tips and tricks to make their use easier. For example, you can write an article that gives ten tips to keeping your power tools clean, or how to make dove tail joints with a router and so on. Once you have the basic concept of what you are going to write about you are set. Then you just simply write the article.

Your article you should be no less than 450 words in length. Any shorter than that and most readers won’t take it seriously. The article should educate the reader. In other words they need to learn something from your article. The reader won’t be interested in why you like the color blue for your circular saw, but they will be interested in why you think one saw better than another.

Once you have the article written you then need to construct your resource box. The resource box is where you inform the reader as to who you are and how they can find your website if they want to learn more about you. A typical resource box reads, “John Jones is the owner of XYZ Power Tools in Anywhere, USA. To learn more about XYZ Power Tools visit their website at {insert your web address here}.” As you can see this resource box tells the reader who wrote the article, the type of business they are in and how they can get in touch with you, which is usually through your website.

The final step is to submit this article and resource box to what are called article directories. These free resources are a gold mine to market your website through article marketing. They receive thousands of hits daily from people looking for the type of information you are writing about. They in turn will click the link in your resource box to visit your website (if they like what they read), or even better syndicate your article.

Syndication is the process by which someone takes your article and posts it on their website or blog for their visitors to learn whatever it is you wrote. In turn they post your article complete with the resource box and link back to your website. So now not only are you receiving hits from the article directory website, but once you articles get syndicated you will be receiving traffic from all over the place. The more articles you get syndicated the more traffic you will receive. This is why your articles should informational and educational because they actually provide a service to the person who is reading it and those will syndicate your article want to pass that information along to their visitors.

Now all you have to do is repeat this process daily. You should write one article everyday and submit it to various article directories. Just do a Google search on the words “article directory” and you will find plenty to keep you busy. I recommend submitting your articles to about ten to twelve, but make sure you at least use the most popular ones that appear at the top of search engine results. As a side not, article directories are free so if any site is out there trying to charge you a fee to submit your article, avoid it like the plague.

If you follow this step by step technique you should see an increase in your website’s traffic in no time. I have had sites go from zero to two thousand daily hits in less than thirty days. Your results may very but then again they might be a lot better, and the best part of this technique is that it does not cost you one penny.

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