Sensationalizing News

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Now a days lot of unbelievable things are going on around world and become sensational news in Online sites as well as news papers. Recently i heard some of the shocking news in this sort and shared the unbelievable cruel incidents here.

In my city a school student stabbed his teacher to death for blaming him. The teacher is just 39 years old and she is very strict about students activities, finally she lost her life due to her strictness and a 15 year old boy who is studying 9th standard in the school don’t take more interest in his studies and the teacher advised him to study well and blame him for his poor performance, this incident mad him to get hatred with her. Finally he stabbed repeatedly in the neck, face and abdomen and made her to death. 

Yesterday i read a news in an online site stated  that a young boy who is studying in 8th standard proposed his senior girl who is studying in 10th standard, but the girl is not interested with him and advised him to study well and try to get good marks. The boy get anger with her advice and kidnapped her with his friends gang. He rapped her continuously and all his friends did the same cruel to her, finally the girl lost her life due to this animals. It is really unfortunate.

Now i read a news mentioned that a 20 year old sister choked her 13 year old brother to death due to a quarrel for silly thing. in fact the boy just want her shocks, but she is not interested in giving her shocks to him and violently chopped him and made him to died due to her anger. I think she did this thing with her anger, whatever it is she lost her brother due to her activity. In fact she killed him cruelly for a little issue. All the above incidents are very rubbish and made us to think whether we are living in a cultured world?

There is no protection to human life and we don’t know whenever death will attack us due to this kind of unexpected events. All the persons whoever lost their life in the above mentioned news don’t think about their death, as well as they don’t know that they will lost their life due to some unexpected things. We don’t have the ability to predict what will happen in the next moment, since we all are living in the most cruel world.


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