In Discipleship With Christ

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Discipleship is the act of assisting the ministry of Jesus Christ.  When Christ was on earth, he went about doing good and blessing those who offered themselves in discipleship with him in one way or the other .Peter a professional fisher man has fished for so many years that even the  fishes were familiar with his net whenever he dips it in the waters. That particular day he fished the whole day without catching even seaweed, he was frustrated and was in the process of washing his net .Suddenly the master came and asked to borrow his boat to go and share the word of God in the other side; reluctantly Peter offered him the boat.  When he was done with his preaching, he commanded peter to dip his net at the same spot he had been fishing the whole day .Peter obeyed   and there were so much fish that he hired hefty men from the nearby village to help him bring out the net from the   waters

Mary Magdalene was so pretty and elegant, her  hair was directly proportional to her lower back, she was a woman of questionable character until she met the master .This woman broke the most expensive alabaster oil and used it to wash the  feet of Jesus Christ and clean his hair. Judas Iscariot saw this and shouted what a waste ,this money should have been used to help the poor and the needy: of course he doesn’t care about the poor and the needy ,he wanted to fill his own pocket too .When Lazarus the brother of Mary died ,after four good days in the grave , Jesus Christ   made it a point of duty to resurrect  Lazarus ,not because he was his friend :he was not the only friend of Jesus that died at that time  but because of the good work her sister  Mary Magdalene did in  discipleship with Christ

A little boy was sent to school  with his lunch box containing two small loaves of bread and five sardines , he saw a big crowd following Jesus and joined them ,it became so late in the  evening  and the people  were hungry .Jesus Christ needed  a point of contact to feed this great multitude .Most people in that gathering had things bigger in there pockets but they refused to bring it out .However a  little boy offered his lunch box ,after feeding  the crowd ,twelve baskets of fishes and bread were left .The little boy smiled home with this twelve baskets and thereby secured  his family’s feeding  for at least some months because he  was in discipleship with Christ


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