Promoting & Joining With Scam Sites

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All the online earnings must surely face a scam at least once in their life time. It is very hard to get rid from scams. Our experience only help us to know which site is good and which one is scam. At the beginning stage of our online earnings, we don’t have any experience in this field and join with some sites which offer a good income for our work, after some time we come to know about that site is a scam one, after that we will keep distance from that site and suggest others to avoid working with this kind of scam sites.

Most of the online earners started their online earnings with ptc sites, since the work is easy as well as any one can click on the ads and it is not a tough task. At the beginning of my online earnings, i too joined with lot of ptc sites and scammed by most of them. After getting bitter experience with ptc sites i stopped joining with new ptc sites and concentrate in other earning methods like article writing, paying social sites and creating my own site and blog for my earnings.

Most of the ptc sites are scams and it is really hard to find a good and paying new ptc site. Some people promoting the ptc sites to get referrals with some fake payment proof as well as after getting their first payment from the site. Some people believe that it is a good site and will pay our income genuinely and joined with the site. After getting a lot of members and benefits the site admin closed the site and persons who joined their lost their work and earnings. 

Not only ptc sites, some other sites also following this kind of tactic and provide payments to their early bird members and announce some referral contests and offers to increase the members, people are rushed to get referrals to win in the contest and promote the site in various ways. Some persons place advertisement for that site with their own money and getting referrals for the site. In this way some site will get more members without any investment. After getting benefits from this members they closed the contest as well as site. The members who are promoted the site will lose their money.

Don’t join or promote a site without knowing whether it is legit or not. By promoting a scam site, we are indirectly help the site admin to scam other people, never do this kind of activities. Always promote a site, if you are sure about it. Don’t spend your own money for advertising purposes, use the money in your account balance or free credits to promote a site, it is your safer side, as well as you don’t lose anything by promoting a site in this way.

Online world is virtual media and lot of persons are waiting to scam us, it is very hard to get rid from this kind of online scams without a proper research and experience. Always make a good search and read the reviews about the site before joining with a site to avoid this kind of  online scams.


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