Cocoa Cream Recipe

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Cocoacreamsare one of theingredientsused in thesnack for the children, although notrecommendedregularconsumptionbecause they are highin fats andsugars.Let’s seewhat it’s madeof cocoacreamand how toproduce itourselves.

Thehazelnutchocolate creamconsists of a50% sugar, 30% fatand 20%split betweencocoa, hazelnutsand milk,which is sometimesmilk powder,other, wheyor lactose.The amountof added fatis great,needed to makethe cream,but it maybe healthieror less, depending on yoursource.

If the fatiscocoa butter,much better,because it is richinstearicacid,a saturated fatthatdoes not impaircardiovascular health.Cocoa alsocontains a good amountof flavonoids, antioxidants.

What happens isthat thecocoacreammarket (Nutella, Nutella, white markings) usually havea small amount ofcocoa butterand insteadprovidefattyacids(such aspalm fat) thatare not healthy.

In short, from a nutritional standpoint cocoa creams are high in fat and sugar and calories, so you should not abuse these creams, or eat them daily, but if it makes a balanced diet, they can occasionally be included in the menu.

Cocoa cream recipe.

Let’s get the apron and the hands of our fellow Straight to the palate (or Armando, which brought her own recipe for homemade chocolate cream), we will cook.

– Ingredients: 50 grams of toasted hazelnuts, icing sugar 75 grams, 50 grams of chocolate to cover 70%, 50 grams of white chocolate, 75 grams of milk, 50 grams of mild olive oil.

– Preparation: In blender or grinder (mortar if we have) we introduce the nuts and icing sugar. The grind for about five minutes at full power, to get the nuts release their oil and get a very fine paste. Heat the milk for one minute in the microwave and pour over the pasta, return to grind to mix.

– In a bowl, put one of the chocolates with half the oil. We put in the microwave for twenty seconds to melt. It out of the microwave, stir until homogenized with oil. Repeat the operation once or twice more, if we see necessary.

-You can change hazelnuts on the other chopped dried fruit, or put a touch of vanilla or coconut. The cocoa butter stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place. If we keep in the fridge will solidify and can not spread.

We have our “Nutella” or homemade chocolate cream, but remember to be eaten in moderation, preferably for snacks or dessert at home (to brush their teeth after) and a small part of a balanced diet.


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