Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 3

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Duke did not explain how.
Suro Bodong nodded, then asked,
“So, what’s the point I was called here?”
“You certainly have other ideas, Suro. We expect you suggest. Because the first proposal, which is locked and spreading false news about your flight has been successfully provoke the emergence of Suro Bodong false. “
Suro’s smile widened. Duke shrugged his shoulders with a friendly smile back.
“How do I counsel you to make? I myself have not been healthy. See, my wounds are still painful impression and every heart.”

Duke stood up and approached Suro Bodong and said with great regret,
“If there is a way to atone for our mistakes, tell us how what to do. We are very sorry why do we become victims of hatred. “
“The way is easy ….!” Said Suro Bodong.
“Mention …!”
“Give me freedom to move in here, so I can deal with Suro Bodong a fake! If you and your soldiers believe that I’m not a murderer, then I will be very hard to help catch the killer-law’s. Give me a confidence, then I will give my life for the Duchy of this! “Suro said firmly.
Duke smiled proudly Lohgawe hear those words. The others seemed nodded seriously. Then, the Duke said firmly, “Act like in your own house, Suro. I believe, only you can solve this problem! “
“Well … so?”
“Now what are your ideas?” Said Wijaya.
“Restoring confidence of the people, the government in the Duchy was still able to establish justice and ensure the tranquility of his people!” Suro said.

“If all the soldiers spread out in the duchy, then how security here alone?” Said Duke.
“I’m in charge of security here! Hopefully people will come herewith the intention of killing anyone, whatever his choice. “
“Sounds like you actually expect the death!” Interrupted Rahuto.
“It looks like it is. But actually I was expecting death was a vicious killer’s death. if he wants to come here, it means he’s ready to deal with me. Do not attempt to escape boa, because it works in vain, you know! “
“Yeah, but do not stare at me, ah!” Grumbled Rahuto with grouchy. Suro smiled to himself.
“So you told people that if at any time to meet him,” said Suro Bodong cover his fury.

Duke himself was soon said to the soldiers of choice, including the flagship, Wijaya and Rahuto.
“Do it this way! Bring all the troops, leaving ten people here. And do not act rashly!

Understand? “
Sendiko (ready), Duke Kanjeng …!” They replied.
Before Suro Bodong went to his room, he had said to the Dukeand his wife,
“Please remember, remember, anyone-anyone who has everbeen disappointed by your government, the Duke.”

“You mean?”
“I see the purpose of slaughter. Nothing else but to undermine the authority of your government! If people claim it is named Suro Bodong into their mastermind, right now, I suspect, the person is creating distrust of the people to you! If people had not believed, was disappointed by your government, then it is easy to control to rebel! “
Duke nodded, watching Suro Bodong who casually standing in front of a Duke while eating corn on the cob.
“Remember ….” Suro said again, “Only those who feel let down by your government ever, that will ignite the fire of rebellion. Because of this, remember …. anyone who has ever disappoint you. Record, and later we talked about …! ”


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