Lingerie Secrets Revealed……..

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Do not purchase your lingerie which has horizontal stripes as it is going to make you look wider. Too large prints will have a bad affect on your overall look. Never buy too bright colors as that can be seen from the outside. Keep your designs simple and don’t go over the board with your designs and colors. Try to avoid thick materials of lingerie. If you keep in mind these little trade secrets you will surely not go wrong with your inner look.

How you can buy the right kind of lingerie

If you are going lingerie shopping then you should know some tips so that you don’t mess up while buying. Keep your colors and designs simple and buy it in many shapes, colors and materials if you can afford. When buying do try out the size all brands don’t have the same fittings. Check whether you have room to breathe or not. Don’t buy something which is too tight or loose. Under wires are good for giving support to your breasts. Ensure that you stock up enough lingerie when you get that perfect size for yourself. The wires of the bra should not be poking you at the sides. Ensure that your lingerie is from a good brand to ensure longevity.

Types of Lingerie

There are different types of lingerie which can be worn underneath your clothes or outerwear. Each type serves a different purpose and has an absolutely different look which comes in various colors. You can choose your type according to your shape, size and preference. Some of the popular types of lingerie are as follows:

  • Bloomers

  • Basque

  • Bodice

  • Brassiere

  • Bustier

  • Camisole

  • Corset

  • Drawers

  • G-string/thongs

  • Nightgowns

Type of Lingerie for daily wear

When you are buying lingerie for your daily wear you have to ensure that you buy at least 5 pieces for your everyday wear. When going for shopping keep in mind certain things so that you don’t end up buying the wrong type of lingerie for your daily wear. Your under garments should be comfortable and well fitting so that you can wear it for long hours. Try to buy in different materials such as cotton, lycra, satin or synthetic so that you can wear it according to the season as well as according to the dress or outfit you wear.

Buy it in different shades but three basic colors like white, black, and cream should be purchased. You should buy one sports bra, one bikini style and another normal cut. Other types would be halter neck bras, t-shirt bras and salwar kameez bras which have cuts suited according to the outfits you wear. For daily wear it is better if one wears normal panties but some thongs and G strings can be bought too if you are more comfortable in it or you are wearing something tight and your panty outline can be seen then you can opt for something different.

Type of Lingerie for your wedding night

Are you preparing yourself for the big night of your life after marriage? Then you should take care about every little detail so that it is absolutely perfect. Your lingerie also has much importance for the big night. So go out and do some shopping for that perfect one which is sweet as well as alluring. It should not look vulgar on you. But the rest depends upon your choice and preference.

The color should be matched according to your skin tone and complexion. It should be well fitting, neither too loose nor too tight. You can opt for colors like black, red, pink, purple or light blue. These colors can be absolutely perfect for your big night. If you want to buy something very alluring then you can experiment with new designs. Be it lacy or netted you can opt for bold cuts to spice up things for you and your partner.

Myths behind good bust shapers revealed

All of us almost start wearing bras from our teens. But very few know the actual effects and its necessities. People think it helps to keep your breasts in shape but in actuality it is not. It just supports your bra it does not prevent it from sagging as that occurs due to some other bodily changes. If you wear the wrong kind of lingerie then you can develop many problems like sore breasts, painful back aches and shoulders. Lacy bra types are not ideal for all women with varying breast sizes. Full padded bras for women with small breasts are a wrong choice. Opt for pads which are there on the sides. Bikini styles tops enhance your look and let you wear deep cut tops. Opt for adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit.


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