Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits 1

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There is a room that is located opposite of Puji Wardani room. Room, the first former heritage room that has now been moved to the main room of the Duchy. Become one with the Duke Lohgawe bedroom.
Former storage room where the inheritance is made of thick walls, sturdy steel-plated doors. That said, the room was once the former bedroom Puji Wardani grandfather, known in the jungle martial as The Angel of No Stars. In front of the room, there is a row of houses where Wijaya soldiering and Rahuto also live there. Then on the left side of the room, the library, and the right of the room, the clothing storehouse of war. According to a retainer of the country, the room was the former site storage of heritage that is the only proper place to confine Suro Bodong meeting. There is only one steel door, no windows except for the vent is red brick above the door. Located quite high and is made up of two air holes. In that room, there is a small cot can be to lie down, there is a simple table and chairs for dining, and there is a dressing table complete with hibiscus leaf-shaped mirror.

Therefore, it is said grandfather Puji Wardani including foppish man who has his own dresser. Suro Bodong was laughing to myself to see where he’s old dresser The angel Without the Stars. It would be his flirtatious old man at the time he was still alive. What is he  hearing? Does he also wear lipstick? Uh, funny! Suro Bodong no matter the place, whether confined or not meeting, which is obviously where he waited for a good time to come out and face to face with people who claim themselves.

There’s a little weird feeling in the hearts of Suro Bodong. He was guarded by two soldiers armed to the teeth. But they exist outside the room. In front of the door. They do not see what Suro in the room. In fact, they should always monitor the activities of daily Suro Bodong. This is to investigate whether Suro really always there in the room or had disappeared. They should put one person to oversee Suro Bodong scouts. But it’s not. Suro was thinking about here and there, it’s no hole reconnaissance. uuh …!How stupid they are! Suro thought.

But, in fact Suro himself a fool, because he did not know that there are always eyes watching his movements. Those eyes are the eyes that had admired his own Suro. Puji Wardani. He is a diligent attention to all his movements.
Puji Wardani diligently and carefully follow the activities Suro always in his room. He just stood or sat in front of a mirror, in which the mirror is transparent to the bathroom mirror BodongSuro. Mirror in the room to see the state could praise in the room Suro, because the mirror is right behind the decorative mirror in the room Bodong Suro. Moreover, Suro Bodong decorative look in the mirror, he could not see the state rooms Puji Wardani  He would only see his own face in the mirror float.

Suro Bodong participate attention while being exercising the muscles of the body with slow motion, the Duke’s wife said to her, “Take care not to ill health because of its attention to the movements.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’m aware of it, “said Praise. “How did things out, ma’am?”
“For two days the people involved are busy looking for Suro Bodong. According to the news, Suro Bodong escape to every where. Even yesterday facing Pragulo father to ask for additional prize money. He said, he could find and capture Suro Bodong.”
“Pragulo …!?” Puji Wardani wrinkled forehead. “Pragulo Renggono uncle’s son?”
“Yes. He has just returned from the summit Mahageni.
He said he has studied with Resi Pangguno finished, even he had volunteered to be a constable in this duchy from adequate wages.”
Puji Wardani mumbled and thought for a moment, but his eyes still watching through the mirror Bodong Suro.
“Then Romo(father) accepted as a constable here?”
Romo(father) you are considering,” replied the mother with the eyes of Puji Wardani Suro also look through the mirror. Then the woman whose hair is graying thin, Suro Bodong about, “What is he doing? Nothing suspicious? “
“I think not, ma’am. He’s just exercising her body movements, as if flexing his muscles that had been caused by torture may be rigid and of our own population. ”



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