Character Assassination – The Draft Prepared Baits

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“I think there are people who intentionally look similar to me. Wearing the same clothes and same headband. He claimed the same name with my name. And by chance he had resembled a face and hairstyle may also like me, then make sure you direct, man that’s me! “Puji Wardani hissed irritably. Then he said,”That’s impossible! This is only good at talking you, free of charge so …! “Puji Wardani then walked away with sullen annoyance.

All the attention to the departure of Praise Wardani, and that made the Duke Lohgawe threw a deep breath. Then they think each other in silence. Suro Bodong who do not want to sit in front of the Duke was just walking up and down while intermittently scratching his thick mustache. “If I may propose ….!” Suro saidsuddenly to Duke Lohgawe.
“Proposed what?”
“I jails in a meeting. Good key which if used would not be able to escape. If so, I was imprisoned in the basement! ”

All eyes Suro Bodong, especially Adiapti himself staring with a sharp frown. Suro Bodong welcomed his words, “And proclaim to everyone that Suro Bodong managed to escape …! And open competition, anyone can catch Suro Bodong alive or dead, will be rewarded! “
“You suggest that we are confusing enough, Suro.” Said Duke. But Suro Bodong smile.

“This is to lure the real killer. If anyone saw Suro Bodong up, and doing abomination again, remove me from jail as soon as possible! I’ll deal with that person, and create a public arena for the fight I’m with him! “
Duke Lohgawe murmuring nod.

All too wrinkled forehead, the same as Lohgawe frown. Suro Bodong still pacing back and forth to scratch their heads and mustaches. But he is more often scratching his mustache.
Suddenly the Duke said, “Is this not just a hokey your power! Maybe you could escape from any prison tightly, and make mischief, slaughter the family by family and … “

“Enough. I understand your suspicions. It deserves. I admit the suspicion that his foresight. It could have been me that, but what ifthere are two or three people who accompanied me in jail? Place a guard who can see me all the time, so that if at any time. I could go out, right? ”

Finally, after going through the various debates, the Duke said, “Well, do you suggest we agree …! But what if many days there was no crime caused by people who called Suro Bodong? “
“I’ll find another way to trap him! Believe me, I’ll find a way to do any of us who are victims of a ruse like this …!”

There seemed no other choice but to follow the Duke Lohgawe Bodong Suro advice. His love of peace made ​​Lohgawe Duke concluded, that Suro Bodong itself felt in a wedged position in both directions, between the actual perpetrators of the murder with the roe of the Duchy of Kidang Kencana. Even the Duke of Lohgawe not sure, whether the proposal was Suro Bodong bring good results or even worse, but it was deemed more prudent than to continue the punishment for Bodong Suro.

Not to mention that he thought Suro Bodong science that can make the earth like an earthquake hit, and the ability to sink the Duchy Suro it could actually prove, flavor-it was suggested that Suro is worth doing. This was based on considerations of safety in terms of its people. If Suro Bodong rampage, he might lose everything, palaces, power, people, family and most likely he will lose his life. That consideration of the Duke at that time. Suro Bodong not imprisoned in the basement. It was also at the request of Puji Wardani, arguing, “I want to keep it, I want to see anything done all day, so I knew exactly that he is not the devil take the beast!” Puji Wardani said with hatred still implied through tone of voice.


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