Character Assassination – The Truth Began to Unfold 4

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Suro Bodong drew back his hands to his chest. Then removed with a sigh of relief waves. The sky is no longer red. Red tinge sothin, and clean. Like a black fog that clouds disappeared somewhere. The wind is roaring again. Ground stops shaking. The atmosphere becomes bright again. Breaths of relief crashing retained. Live view of a scary look in here and there, fallen trees, tree roots sticking out from the depth of soil, roof-tiles, houses fell, and some walls had cracks in the duchy of section corners.

People away, not one dared to approach Bodong Suro. Only Duke and the guards who stood not far from Suro Bodong, including the wife of the Duke and Praise Wardani. They are still gripped with terror. A baby crying in the distance, each said cutting said heart.

Suro Bodong breath blew again, this time it seems loose. He scratched his mustache. And said to the Duke and his guards with a loud voice does not last, “I’m sorry …. I do not mean to make trouble here. I just wanted to prove that you understand, that I was able to sink this duchy with its inhabitants. It will all sink to the bottom of the earth, without exception, if you want war! I do not need to carry a weapon, but just to be alone I could do that. Although actually I do not want, but if you want, I can. ”

All silenced. Vengeful faces become plastic and hidden. Wijaya and Rahuto ferocity faded instantly. They no longer dare look at the Suro fierce. With a straight step, but pitched forward, close to Duke Lohgawe Bodong Suro, just stand in front of Puji Wardani. He said, his voice was loud, “I do not want to kill a fool, but a fool would let it die by his own stupidity. I hope this does not happen to your family, the Duke. Do not be stupid, stupid is as dead as dead is useless! In vain! ”

For a moment, Suro looked deliberately Puji Wardani, who was once seen his eyes turned down, but took Suro said softly. “I can feel how much pain the hearts of women are widowed husband, let alone to die in a miserable state. But, believe me …there is something that we must discuss together with the retainer of the other country. I myself want to get lots of information about people that you see it. ”

Suro Lohgawe Duke looked and said, “I want to talk, Duke. I wish there were no casualties among the two of us. Pity the people who had wrapped a grudge. If they do eventually die alone and desperate, they are not to blame. Duchy is wrong! Therefore, before they were poisoned blind revenge, let’s talk things through… ”

At that time, like a deserted earth. Mouths pressed together, let Duke take Suro Bodong into the Duchy. None of the soldiers who dare machination, but just as quiet in the coverage of the tense atmosphere. “All the people saw with their own eyes, you’re doing some heinous crime,” said Duke in the pavilion when they negotiate duchy.

“I myself see clearly, you are ripping my husband’s neck with makeup and appearance as you first brought it hither!” Puji Wardani said a witness who participated in the talks.
Suro Bodong head nod. After both silent for a moment, Bodong Suro said, “If I were a killer for example, I will not mention my name. In fact, I’ll kill by stealth. If my conclusions after slaughter in the house heard the story of Raden Mas Purwakusuma, obviously it was done deliberately in public, so public can find out who killed him. If the self-effacing without intent, it is unlikely the killer was deliberately done in public. “
“So what is certain conclusions,” asked the Duke Lohgawe seemed impatient.


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