Look! It’s an outlet store.

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You  see them all over: bread stores, clothing outlet stores, furniture outlets, and even in groups in an outlet mall.

They are big money savers.

In my area we don’t have the big grocery outlet stores like in some other parts of the country. But, we do have bread outlet stores and they are such a bargain. They have more than just bread. Some stores sell more of things like Ho-Hos and little pies and some sell a variety of different things. But their main focus is bread. It is not past expiration so it is still good to eat. You can buy bread in those stores for, at most, $1.50 a loaf. At the regular grocery store, you are paying over $3 for the same bread.

I buy a lot there and double bag the loaves and stick it in the freezer.

When looking for furniture, outlet stores are really great too. A lot of times you may not know where they are, but you can always ask. When I bought my living room chairs, I got them from an outlet. I went to a furniture store and the man told me they had an outlet store and I might want to look there. So, something to consider is asking if the store you go to has an outlet. It is still part of their company so it isn’t like they are losing you to competition.

For clothing outlet stores and outlet malls, you will probably have to look in the yellow pages or do a search online. At least around here, I don’t see them advertise anywhere too often.

They are worth it. All brand new items at reduced prices.

It used to be when you bought anything from an outlet store it would all be irregulars and maybe the quality wasn’t so good. But, that isn’t the case anymore.

Most times, they are just selling things that there is just so much of,or that new styles have come out and they want to clear it out.


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