Character Assassination – The Truth Began to Unfold 3

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Suro Bodong stand tall with legs stretched. Full body and head injuries make a scary situation. He watched them one by one with eyes that showed prowess. Puji Wardani put his sword into thes cabbard of ivory, was unable to gather his courage in the face Suro Bodong. She is pictured Suro Bodong cruelty that crushed the neck of her husband without any mercy at all. Meanwhile, the people retreated slowly with murmuring and whispering that give rise to a vague rumbling.

“I do not want to hurt you, if you want to admit your mistake in capturing a butcher!” Said Suro Bodong. He looked firmly and began to be scratching his thick mustache. He said more loudly,”I have suffered injury due to foolishness. If I want I can take revenge now. But apparently there are some problems that need to be completed in peace. If we can not make peace, our war! 

Increasingly noisy clamor. Duke Lohgawe him, stood looking at the Suro Bodong how people are thinking. Praise Wardani with her mother more anxious, while Wijaya and Rahuto as the mainstay of the duke still hesitant in taking action. Victory even exchanged glances with Rahuto, his attitude seemed very agitated, as if they waited for orders Duke.

Suro said again aloud, “I’m willing to create a peaceful atmosphere in this duchy. Even I do not want any more victims in this misunderstanding, but if I were challenged to make the victim,I could make this duchy sink to the bottom of the earth! When I challenged the war by your attitude, I was able to battle alone! Go up you all, and that alone do not mind me …! Also do not regret that the duchy was going to collapse with their debris to the bottom of the earth! ”

Suro Bodong soon spit on his hands seven times, and rub-rub a few moments, his eyes looked at the people around him. It stop srubbing palms on his chest, strong stiffened, then stomping on the head in the palms turned up at the sky. Suro Bodong use the dragon moves his tread which is a saving moment.

Stance was enough to shake the souls of the Duchy of Kidang Kencana. Because at the hands yanking at the sky, then hands it out of the blue light of winding and leaping into the sky.

“Blegaaarr …!”

The sky became bright, but then as soon as the lights dimmed run out of oil. Chance incarnate. The sky became dark. People are gripped with fear. Suro Bodong stamped his hands up again and the second sounds more terrible explosion.
Overcast sky became red hot like fire. Flashes of blue light that shot from the palms of the hands of each other in the sky and make a couple of times a thunderous explosion. Ground where they stood to shake. Increasingly shaky as the waves. Some of the tree suddenly collapsed with its roots sticking out of the depths of the soil.

The atmosphere was terrible, people are immediately gripped by fear and they shouted, “The end …!
End of the world …! “To each other each other headlong. The soldiers and two men were strained mainstay duchy looking around. Nature becomes dark, like a thick cloud covered, but the sky was glowing red like fire. Praise Wardani clinging to his father’s arm equally well in the stress of fear.
Because the earth rocked like the ocean waves that floated, thena lot of people who fall without any untouched. Lohgawe dukehimself nearly knocked down if Wijaya not immediately arrest him from behind. Prolonged roar, his voice is the collapse of his trees and sagging tiles of houses due to earthquake vibration and wind.


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