Character Assassination – The Truth Began to Unfold 2

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Puji Wardani stared at the Suro Bodong indecision. Her mouth was tightly clenched. Her lips are like a tiny clump of pomegranates them on the ice, it makes your eyes unblinking Suro Bodong and Suro Bodong smile was so blooming brightly.
“Puji Wardani … carry out the sentence …” said the Duke.
Vacillating soul Praise the stronger covers Wardani. Especially when it Bodong Suro also said, “Puji Wardani … do not be implanted in the soul of sin.
You should be free from the curse. You need to be protected, and I was able to protect you, as a servant! Servant who will bring the real killer husband! ”

Puji Wardani said shakily, “You killed him. You named Suro Bodong! I saw with my own eyes, like you’re the person who tore my husband’s neck with his sword! “Suro’s brow furrowed,” Clearly, people like me? “
“Yes …!” Said Puji Wardani by dilating eyes stuck out of spite.
“Then … there are people who aim to kill me, but also wants to kill your husband!
That person would be unable to kill me, because he knew I was strong enough for him. However, the only way is to spread the slander with the evidence. That way, he managed to kill your husband, will also work to kill me too! “
“What do you mean?” Shouted the Duke Lohgawe. “Duchy was successfully manipulated by someone.”

The man has managed to indirectly govern the people of this duchy to kill me. And just happened yesterday …. I was caught in a drunken state. I eat gadung. Out of many.
After the glut finally drunk. Then … people named Wijaya and Rahuto attack me with a whip. I can not fight at all …!Unfortunately, time
I was in a drunken state. But now that I’ve
well, thanks given a drink of coconut water …. “Suro Bodong Wijaya and Rahuto glanced to the right and left, some distance away. “Hi, Wijaya …” Suro easy smile. “If now you’re fighting me, you would not be able to. Moreover, only one Wijaya, Wijaya thousand million would not be able. ”

“You really savage …!” Wijaya provoked his anger, he lashed with his whip necessarily a spiked it. Suro was ready to lift his arm a little. Once the arm is moved up, though only slightly, but the cordon the right end of the whip Wijaya. Indeed there are parts that are scratched leather sleeve thorn whip, but the strap on the arm was broken at once. Because, already estimated by Suro Bodong, that would be provoked anger Wijaya if so challenged. And outbursts of anger will be channeled through Wijaya his lashes.. That is why, Suro Bodong already preparing to move his body to decide straps on the arms.

By breaking the rope, then the entire bond kendurlah body. Suro stamped with a power.
His hands were jerking to the side both of them while he was screaming at the beat as well. “Heaaah …!”
Emergency! The rope had broken and the bodies begin free Bodong Suro. Stunned everyone tense, step back with his eyes bulging. All people, all the soldier, including Wijaya and Rahuto, they seized a terrifying suspense.


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