Character Assassination – The Truth Began to Unfold 1

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“For the sake of justice in the Duchy of deer Kencana, the convicted deserve Suro Bodong, who called the punishment picis…!”
“… Agreed! Agree …! Hear …! “
Suro Bodong loudly shouted, “Long live, Duke….!”
Unconscious people answered, “Life …!” Suro shouted again with joy, “victorious Duke ….!”
People answered not knowing if the shouting Suro’s Bodong, “victory …!”
Duke, wife and Praise Wardani Suro Bodong looked with amazement. Duke whispered to his wife, “He’s crazy …! Was sentenced instead to support that decision. It’s crazy name …! “
“Do not mind him!” Whispered the Duke’s wife.

Wijaya called to read the decision, “Anyone, young or old, may be sliced​​, cut and injure the body Suro Bodong! But do not the part that hastened his death. Obviously …? “
“Obviously …!” They shouted in unison.
Suro Bodong went along shouting, “Obviously …!”
“Hey …!” Shouted the soldier who guarded the distance of five steps. “Why did you come to say ‘clear’? What do you mean, huh? “
“I clearly see the folly in front of me. As if I have to say is not clear? ”

Annoyed grunt soldier, then back to the place. The people got busy setting up equipment, weapons and anything that can harm the body to Suro Bodong. There’s even a shout to his wife,
“Mak, Mak … grab a kitchen knife two! I am one, you’re the one! “
“A kitchen knives was to cut up cassava, ded …!”
“Aaah … whoa cut cassava, an important part Bodong cut first. Come on ….! “
Anything else is busy arguing with his friend, “I cut off his left ear, huh? You are right! “
“Ah, I was the other part. I just want to cut his toe. Short’s body, which can be up to when I have to cut off the ears …! ” Wijaya called out to them, “Gentlemen …. please calm for a while…! Listen, it’s picis law applies to anyone. But the cuts or the first person who will do this penalty is Gusti Ayu Puji Wardani, as the wife of the murdered Prince Atmaja Suro Bodong…! ”

Suro Bodong finally nodded. Meanwhile, the people were ordered by some soldiers to make the queue. They lined up a row to the back row, queued waiting to slice body parts Suro Bodong own course.
Puji Wardani drew his sword and walked to Suro Bodong, beautiful eyes radiate a remarkable passion killing. The stepswere clear, revealing the figure to his warriors, despite the fact that martial arts are owned Puji Wardani just mediocre.

Suro Bodong then a slight smile, his eyes looked out Puji Wardani is still within about ten paces from him. Suro took exclaimed, “I’m not a killer that you’re looking for! If I die in your hands, or die because of this sentence, my spirit will avenge your seven generations. Not to kill, but to torment me as long as they live! And I’ll leave my seed into your womb through the struggle …my spirit! ”

Please …! Please kill me! Within nine months if you do not like having a baby like me, then I really doomed man. But that was nine months after this event you’re having a baby like me, then that’s proof that I am innocent …! “
“… Shut up!” Snapped Wijaya and want to hit him, but DukeLohgawe Wijaya prohibit movement


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