Character Assassination – The Truth Began to Unfold

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“Thank God when you’re awake ….” he said. Suro Bodong smirk.
“Thank God if you are still alive,” said Suro Bodong.
“What do you mean, huh?” The soldier barked.
“I mean, if I can get away from this bond, do not I let you breathe a bit.”
Necessarily soldiers reached the sharp tip of the spear to the neck Suro, the neck was pressed slightly with the tip of the spear, and he said grimly,
“Be careful in your tongue! Do not speed up death penalty before Kanjeng Duke decides what is appropriate for you dropped. Know …? “
“You know, Uncle …” Suro said Bodong without fear depicted on his face. That there is a calmness in the face of it. Yes. Suro Bodong was able to calm
themselves, and can cope with the pain of his wounds.
The soldier grinned with pride, pulled his spear and backed away.
“Did you know that your own life to this day only. Kanjeng Duke was choosing to end a life sentence. Punishment must be commensurate with the cruelty, so that the people were satisfied!”

Suro Bodong easy smile. “Hey, can you let go of the rope for a minute? I’ll tie again as before. “
“For what?”
“I’m scratching my mustache. Just for a minute …! Fasten it again later … “
Soldiers were grumbling. Scowl.
“You want to spit on me, O? Want to deceive me?
Uh …. think about it is, you talk to a soldier!
Not a wagon driver, you know? “
Suro Bodong breath crashing. She wanted to scratch their whiskers as usual.
“Or …. if not, please scratch my mustache for a while,” he said.” Just a minute. Yahh …. about four or five scratching it …. “
The soldier’s stare, feel insulted. Suro and then slapped his left hand. “Plaque …!”
“Thank you …!” Suro said, grinning.
“It was quite a blow it was scratched with a mustache has been satisfied. Thank you, my friend …. ”

“Whip it to death. Whip him with a barbed whip …! Hang it slowly…! Throw in the river course, I’ll eat alligator …! “
Answer their cries did not affect the peace of Bodong Suro. He just looked here and there with a smile like the tourists see the beauty of nature. It could make people more annoyed.

A stone flew at him. Before touching, Suro blows air into the stone, and the rock stopped, then fell in front of Suro. Because of long distances, not many people know that power. Suro Bodong itself felt relieved, because now his muscles twitched and his inner movement started working perfectly. Effect of missing drunk, arising only from the strength of his power moves. Duke family entourage, accompanied by bodyguards Lohgawe appear in front and behind. Wijaya is in the front row and Rahuto in the back row.

Suro Bodong eyes not to look everywhere except to the face of this beautiful young woman wearing a military outfit, the extent of calf red pants and cover your chest to the abdomen is red, too. There are ornaments of beads and gold thread on the edge of the pants. It is still covered with the breastplate of the function closes a kind of cloth shoulders and the back. Pale yellow cloth.

She is the Puji Wardani, the time it appeared the figure of a warrior woman with a black belt slipping a sword sheathed ivory decorated in gold. His long hair rolled into one bent over the head, so that this Puji Wardani neck showed a smooth olive-colored.

Duke Lohgawe apparently did not hold a hearing. He just gave the decision and read the reasons. Wijaya who was told to read out his decision. All residents quietly, listening and cheering when suddenly exclaimed Wijaya read the sentence,

“…. Then, with this Suro Bodong is guilty and should be punished accordingly …!”
“Life Kanjeng Duke …! Duke Lohgawe life …! “Cried they had said-replication. Then, silence their voices back. Suro Bodong had been just stay calm.

In fact, he seemed not to hear the decision. His eyes looked straight at the occasional glance Puji Wardani as anxious to do something. Wijaya re-read a sentence that makes people cry, holding up his right fist.


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