Character Assassination 4

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Morning, before dawn, the cold air that brought the dew had been aware of Suro Bodong of fainting. He looked around with a sense of wonder. He wondered to myself, why is he there in the middle of a square? On the square where he is? And why is he tied? Suro Bodong apparently have begun to realize the situation himself. He tried to remember the trip since leaving the Sultanate of Praja, to eat gadung and vomiting. Little by little recovered his memory, that he had been taken prisoner by the duchy for murder and slaughter people. Yes, he remembered all his allegations. 

He also remembers anyone who dragged him and try him. he remember even once on the face of a beautiful woman dressed in blue who was watching him being tortured in front of a fish pond. He also remembers when given a drink of coconut water by one soldier. And he realized that the young head of water that offers gadung poison in his stomach. If no drink young coconut juice, maybe he will take a long time to recover from gadung drunk. And now ….. now he has gained consciousness. Dizziness in the head was gone, only the pain of his wounds on the body.

Perhaps no one knows if Suro Bodong been revived from fainting. Understandably, the sky was still dark and the light of dawn was peeking over the horizon. But the crowing cock has since been heard shouted. Suro Bodong use it for quiet thought and cradling what to do. In her heart she said to herself,
“If only I were a killer …. for example I really Raden Mas Purwakusuma slaughter, what should I do?” Suro Bodong brow furrowed for a long time.
“I will slaughter them secretly …. and then …. then I’ll go without trying to know the other person. Then …? Then why is there a witness who told me my name? Ah, those who slaughter people would not mention his name. If so, there must be a separate reason for the killer who dare mention his name in front of witnesses. Yes. There must be other reasons. What was it …? “Suro still grumbling with their hands tied together at the pole and his body.

“There are several possibilities,” he told himself.
“The first, is the possibility of a group of people who agree to slander me. They negotiate to say that the killer was named Suro Bodong. Either with what intent, but certainly a group of people may agree to admit this,
Other possibilities …? “
Morning air, sipping a lot, Suro Bodong still racked his brains to investigate his allegations. He always told himself in the heart, “A lot of other possibilities. For example, they heard the name of the murderer.
Or …. they accused me of deliberately so even though no one died. What reason?
Well, this is the reason this is hard ….. look … “
A soldier saw Suro Bodong was awake. Soldiers armed with spears and shields approached Suro Bodong bronze. At that time, the sky began to clear.


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