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You know how a site expands it’s audience?  Well, you become members of multiple sites – as each site has it’s own niche, or demographic.

In light of this simple concept, here’s a brief announcement:

After several weeks of working with Xanga and Rhettandlink, the result will be launched Friday Morning at around 9am at

The Brainfriednetwork is a site dedicated to providing bloggers with resources for their blogging site, and have since expanded as a means for those who are in the public limelight to expand their audience via the Xanga Network of blogsites.  It started as a place to obtain newsfeeds, with little over 100 subscribers on it’s Xanga based blog.  Now it has well over 8,000 subscribers, and has partnered with over 15 companies to provide basic resources to the Xanga Network of community blogsites.

Rhettandlink is a comedy duo, based out of North Carolina, who specialize in sketches, songs and video advertising.  Expanding their audience to Xanga seemed the next logical choice.  They currently have over 50,000 subscribers to their youtube channel alone, and also host a weekly online show that can be seen every Thursday Night at 9pm EST – on their own website – or also the BFN Toolbar.

Xanga has been a blogging community since 1999, and has a membership base of 40 million people worldwide.

It will be interesting how this partnership develops as things move forward.

If you have a large subscription base, and would like to expand your audience on – feel free to contact edlives at


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