Character Assassination 3

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Suro smiling, talking messed up again. “Usually if it finds a beautiful fantasy. And I want to find a beauty. If indeed I am guilty, the law alone. Would it kill you? No need to use the court like this.”
“We do not want to punish innocent people,” said Duke.
“Well then, I would not be punished, because I’m innocent! I’m not a killer. I  Senopati. It was also forced, out …. I was urged to become Senopati, because I … “
“There, there …. speak the truth. I give you the opportunity to defend himself, “said Duke.

“But, I do not think he would be insane. He would pretend a headache or crazy, Kanjeng. Because after all, he would find a pretext for him to get away from our charges, Kanjeng! ”

“Give him one day. If more than one day he has not insane too …….I decided to hang in the middle of the square! But now, he’s behind bars! “
There are three representatives of the people are facing Duke Lohgawe. They are allowed to speak, and one said.

 “Kanjeng, we are……the people of Kidang Kencana, will no longer loyal of His Majesty The Duke Kanjeng if Suro Bodong not be punished. Please, carry out the punishment in the square now, and we will remain faithful to the lord, my Lord Duke Kanjeng we are. ” Duke.

Duke began to fret. Wijaya said adding, “For the sake of honor and dignity Kanjeng in front of the people, let the people punish Suro Bodong now …!”
After a long thought, the Duke of Lohgawe decided “Okay, take him in the square and tie him there!
But do not do the first sentence. I will negotiate with the daughter, wife of the late Raden Atmaja, to determine the punishment! ”

Women dressed in light blue with a silver hairpin-shaped serpent’s was The Duke. She was named Puji Wardani. Raden Atmaja former wife, who became merry widow from her husband was slashed by a vicious killer. It is said that the killer was named Suro Bodong. Puji Wardani herself saw when she was murdered in the room dawn. She can not scream, and fainted after seeing Suro Bodong wielding a sword and cut with the neck Raden Atmaja.
“There may be one, Father,” said Puji Wardani is still hiding the hurt in the blaze broke his revenge. “I see clearly, he was the killer Kang Mas Atmaja. Shee was wearing a red shirt without buttoned, and blue pants with yellow belt. hair
shoulder length and tied with red cloth.

“If it is true that people who do cruel to our people, and to Raden Atmaja, your husband,” said the Duke to his daughter, “So, you think …what is worthy of punishment handed down to him, Puji?”
“No one deserves unless the law picis …!” Puji Wardani said grimly holding grudges turmoil.
“Law picis?! Every person has the right cut or hurt him with anything? “Duke insisted.
And his daughter just said so voice flat.
“I’m the first to have to do the punishment!”
Wife of the Duke replied, “And I’m the second person ….”
Growled in his teeth that grind pins. Duke stumped trying to understand the feelings of his wife and children.

Day and a night at the Suro Bodong tied to the pole in the middle of the square. He was not fed, because at the time he should be fed, he had hastily thrown stone collapsed from a large enough on its very heart. Night torches flickered in the outskirts of the square. The people as if waiting for the Duke Lohgawe decision to immediately carry out the punishment for Suro Bodong, none of the people who showed mercy to Suro Bodong. In fact, alleager-faced, eager to vent his anger. Suro Bodong obviously do not know if that night he was surrounded by a mob carrying torches. He fainted. For a long time. Throw the occasional hold abody no longer felt. Suro’s head was slumped down and there was blood from the wound in his head to melt it.


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