How to Fall Asleep… Lots of Little Ways

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Here are a few ways that I have found to aid me in falling asleep. 

*  Spend a little quiet time before it’s time to go to bed. 

*  While you might think that exercise would make you sleepy, it doesn’t work that way.  Exercise during the afternoon and then slowly move into your quiet mode.

* Fresh, fragrant sheets seems to lull people to sleep. I’ve asked just in case it was just me and lots of people agree with me.

* Never go to sleep hungry. A light snack seems to help for some reason. Definitely worth a try. 

* Any chance you like cherries?? Apparently they contain high levels of melatonin.  I love cherries and I was just reading this tonight!

* My daughter turns on a nocturnal radio program. She swears that the quiet music lulls her to sleep at night. 

*As we get older, we find it easier to fall asleep during the day. That too is not something we want to get into the habit of during the day. It makes sense that we won’t be sleepy later if we nap during the afternoon. 

* How do you feel about a hot bath? That might be all you need to help you relax. It might also be a great time to try your hand at meditation. What you don’t want to do is dredge up everything that occurred throughout the day. Empty your mind and just drift 🙂

* Are you going to bed cold? Sometimes the perfect night calls for something and comfortable to relax in.  My daughter takes it a step further and wears socks to bed. I can’t imagine wearing socks to bed myself, but she swears by it. It just might work for you too.

* Many people also resort to a glass of warm milk. If that doesn’t seem tempting to you, maybe a cup of tea might help to relax you.

* And as for that cup of tea, I often use the time to sip tea and sit by the window and look out at the stars. The universe stretches out before you and you can lose yourself in the silky darkness. 



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